Young Saengie must have felt how much we miss him, coz he finally left a message for us! After 2 long years of not writing any message! Awww, this is a relief! We haven't seen him in a while, it's really good to hear something from him! And it's SS501's 1700 days since debut! This calls for a celebration right? So wherever you are right now, whether you're eating or drinking or working, be in a little festive mood, and celebrate our boys' 1700 days! You don't have to throw a party to celebrate, you can celebrate even with just one piece of cupcake and a suju. Kekeke. Anyway, enough of my rambling... thanks to HYS and Liezle, here's a translation of Saengie's message!

Young Saeng: Hello~~~~~~...^-^ (2010-02-01 AM 3:19:10)
Translation by ♥ HYS ♥ / liezle's blog

After midnight will be 1st Feb..Today is the day where SS501 debut for 1700 days.. ^^
Didn't realized that I haven't post any messages for 2 years..
Though the website has some changes.. but my profile is still remain the same~
My weight is no longer 63kg~~~ hehe

Maybe didn't post message for a long time... seems to forget on how to use the system correctly~ ^^;;

Weather is getting colder recently~~ Have to be more careful not have catch a cold!!
Many people caught a cold nowadays~~ have to beware of H1N1 flu too!!!!
Must remember to wash hand after coming back from outside!!~~ ^^

Frankly speaking... really sorry to everybody for shortening the activities in Korea~~
The concerts.. and all other schedules~~ that's why this has to be shortened..
Nevertheless, will give our best performances the next time you see us!! ^^

Well.. SS501 has debut 1700 days... Feels like.. time has passed very fast.. ^^
We have already become senior idols. haha
Many juniors have debut in Korea programs~~
We have reached the mid 20s..ㅡㅡ;; and soon will reach 30s~ ^^
But..!! You have become old too while reading this message!!!!!!!!!!
You have spent many days with us togther~~~ hahahaha~~;;

I didn't post message for a long time?!? Well... really very sorry for writing so late~~~'s a brand new feeling... to post a message after 2 years~~ ^^

Anyway!!! 1700 days~~ thankful for family's support!!!thankful for all the fans!!
Please continue.. to be happy!!! Continue to work hard~~
Wish everbody..have many good things in the new year~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^
Forget all the unhappiness..hard time...
2010 a brand new year!!! Let the Year of Tiger fill with all the good time and things~~~~~~~~hea
2010 is the year of Hyun Joong and mine~~~ ha
Dongsaengs please work hard too!! But.. this year is Hyung's let us hyungs show off, ok~~?
Those who are born in the same Tiger year as me...there are some right~~? ^^
Wish you all a happy new year~~ ^^
Will let everybody see the best side of us... during the concerts~~!!

Young Saeng's original message in Korean:

Diary: 안녕~~~하세요...^-^ 2010-02-01 오전 3:19:10

12시가 지나 2월1일.. 오늘이 SS501이 대뷔한지 1700일이 되는 날이네요..^^
어느덧 보니까.. 글을 안쓴지도 2년이 되었구요..
사이트가 조금 변했다고 했는데.. 프로필은 그대로네요~ㅋㅋ
나 몸무게 63아닌데~~ㅋㅋ

오랜만에 글을 남기려니까... 뭐라 써야 할지 모르겠네요~^^;;

이제 슬슬 날씨도 풀려가요~~ 그럴때일수록 감기 조심해야되요!!!ㅋ
요즘 사람들 감기 많이 걸리던데~~ 인플루엔자도 조심하구요!!!^^
외출하고 집에 돌아와서는 꼭!! 손을 씻구요~~^^

참.. 활동 짧게 해서 미안해요~~ㅠㅠ
콘서트도 있고.. 여러가지로~~ 짧게 할수 밖에 없었어요..ㅠㅠ
그래도 다음에는 더 멋지고 더 많은 활동 할수 있도록 노력할게요!!!^^

음.... SS501이 1700일이 되었다니까.. 시간이 빨리 흘러가는구나.. 느껴지네요..^^
어느덧 우리도 고참아이돌이 되었으니..ㅋㅋ
방송국가면 후배들이 많이 있더라구요~~
벌써 20대 중반에 들어서는..ㅡㅡ;; 이러다 30대도 금방 오겠어요~^^
근데..!! 이거 읽고 있는 당신도 늙는다는거!!!!!!!!!
같이 세월을 보내는거죠~~~ 하하하하~~;;

글 오랜만에?!; 아니.. 늦게 올려서 미안해요~~~
그래도.. 2년만에 남기니까.. 느낌이 새롭네요~~^^

암튼!!! 1700일~~ 자축도 하고!! 팬여러분들께 고맙기도 하고!!!
오래오래.. 행복하게!!! 잘 지내자구요~~
새해에는 정말로.. 좋은일 가득하자구요~~~~~~~^^
안좋았던 일들... 힘들었던 시간들.. 모두 잊고..
새롭게 2010년!! 백호의 해를 좋은일과 행복한 시간으로 채워가자구요~~~~~~~~~ㅋ
2010년은 나랑 현중이의 해니까~~~ㅋ
동생들도 다 잘되고!! 근데.. 형들의 해니까.. 형들이 먼저~~?ㅋㅋ
나랑 띠동갑인 분들이.. 쬐금더~~?^^

여러분~ 새해복많이 받으시구요~~^^
콘서트때.. 좋은모습으로 안녕~~하자구요!!


Jonique Del Rosario said...

Aww, Saengie~♥ Its always good to hear new messages no matter how long~♥

LyN said...

wow! kate, ur first post for February! the love month! and this post is just ♥♥♥! really happy.. can't stop smiling now.. finally! after two years?..and this msg is just so sweet! i can feel that he's really happy while writing this msg.. LOL at his comment about his profile.."My weight is no longer 63kg~~~ hehe" dsp! should update the members profile on the site! what's ur weight now ah saengie?!
"But.. this year is Hyung's let us hyungs show off, ok~~?" ~ waahh!YS!can't two weeks time..we will see u again on stage! will u surprised us once again?.like what u did in HK?.. (LOL! why am i talking to YS here?..) im just super happy! tnx for sharing. ^_^

phtriples said...

haha, hi LyN. I know exactly how you feel! I'm so happy to hear from Saengie too! And thanks for kindly pointing out that it's my first post for the month! i didn't even notice it at first. haha! yey, saengie! see you on feb 13! :) or hopefully, before that... in the airport. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

ahh saengie i really miss you
there is finally hear from you

Anonymous said...

Finally Young Saeng oppa
Lyn Me too...can't stop smiling while reading this...2 years is too long...Happy 1700days SS501... and Advance Happy Valentines Day

@______@ said...

wahs, x___x i can't help but keep smiling over this. keep reading it over and over again! ' Rap Saeng ' eh , haha! ! Happy 1700 days to SS501 ( and to youngsaengie :D ) YoungSaeng must have worked too much, till lose weight ?!!?! x__x

mokona said...

wah..Young saeng! you finally appeared! Its so great to hear from you again XD i'm celebrating this 1700th since debut with a cookie party! woo hoo! Check out the link below to see the cookies that i've baked on this special day.

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