I know you guys miss Leader too. I know I do! That's why I'm so relieved to see recent photos of him. You must have heard the news circulating that Hyun Joong attended a wedding last January 23. Well, he did attend a wedding, I heard it's his uncle's (or cousin's?) wedding (if I'm not mistaken), and he even sang a song. There were also rumors that Leader fainted and was rushed to the hospital. This is NOT TRUE. He just got a little drunk. Aww, Leader. Anyway, I'm glad to see that he's moving on. Look at him in the pics below, he's just ever so handsome! Let's all pray for him guys. Whatever it is that he's facing now, I know he can push through it. Leader, fighting!

Credits: Perfect 0606hj cafe + HyunJoongChina.com + gamja1634 @ Cyworld

And here's a short video clip of him singing his song "Thank You" to the newlyweds. Imagine Leader singing in your own wedding. Aww, I'm gonna melt.

Video Uploader: pucca0607@YouTube


Karren168 said...

Oh my goodness! HyunJoong still manages to look really good... I hope he's feeling much better now...

HJL really likes his LV's :)

phtriples said...

yeah, he's soo stylish! sooo handsome!

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