[News] Kim Hyun Joong took Subway due to heavy snow

Due to the heavy snow on 4th January, SS501 Leader had to take the subway to shorten the traveling time, which surprised the fans.

In order to rush to the destination of his 11am CF shooting, Kim Hyun Joong had no choice but to take the subway.

The staff who was together with Kim Hyun Joong mentioned: "Due to the heavy snow, the traffic was almost broke down, we could not drive to meet with our schedule, so we had to take subway from Seolleung Station to SinNonHyeonYeok Station."

Although we are worried that there might be accident while taking the subway during the snow, but fortunately Kim Hyun Joong was wearing cap & mask, the people did not recognize him and he reached the destination safely. He is currently shooting the CF for famous fashion brand MVIO.

Credits: mtstarnews.com + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜@doubles.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Leader taking the subway?! Wow! Quite unexpected. It's a good thing he wore a mask and cap, I can't imagine what it would be like if people recognized him. It would have been impossible to leave the subway station. LOL. I wonder what he looked like, but if nobody recognized him then I guess nobody bothered to take a picture. Oh well... at least we have some news now! Days are boring when we don't have news from the boys.


Anonymous said...

for sure if he didnt wear any mask the people would recognized him,and if it happened for sure there will be a stampede in the subway,i see so it's still in MVIO then theres new one basic house, you're so famous, you're very rich now...

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