Kim Kyu Jong - When I Met You

This is the 2nd video I made for SS501's Forever Center, Kim Kyu Jong...

See why girls fall head over heels in love with Kyu... a sweet, down to earth, innocent soul, with good looks and awesome talent to boot!

P.S. Cris, you specifically requested the song 'When I Met You', so here ya go! Hope you like the video of your honey!

Video by: phtriples@YouTube

Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min

This is the 2nd video I made for SS501's Park Jung Min...

He certainly lives up to his nickname "Sexy Charisma". The long legs, the naughty smirks, the seductive stares, the sexy butt and waves... it all spells "SEXY".

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Video by: phtriples@YouTube


Anonymous said...

I love your videos!
Will you please make another one for Young Saeng?!
Hehe... I loved your last one for him.
Thanks so much!

LyN said...

love both videos!!. great job..

kyu is just so adorable..i love his look the most when SS501 appeared in that mid of 2008?..when they were in Japan and hwangbo had a surprised visit..and also the episode with wonder girls..i actually love him more that time compared to YS..hehe..

i know kyu look like leader a lot..they can be twins..especially the clip @1:22 of this vid..but what i didn't know is that..jungmin look like leader too? check the pic @1:06..hehe..i thought it was leader..

anyway, great job!! will there be a second vid for young saeng too?..hope u will make one..

thanks for sharing..^_^

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

Great videos!
Thanks for sharing them with us.

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