Waaaah! Finally! Some photos! So Leader really did go to Vancouver. He was seen with Jae Joong at Hanareum Mart (H Mart) in Vancouver. But what is he doing there? Hmmm... the fan who wrote this account is soooo lucky! When on Earth can I do some grocery shopping or visit a library, or simply walk in a street and find Kim Hyun Joong casually strolling along a few feet away from me. Hahaha. Read what the lucky fan has to say... scroll down below.

2010.01.09 H Mart

I couldn't stop shouting
I am so happy today!
This few year I have been very hardworking and learn in the library. On my way, on another street's H Shopping centre and also together with Xiong Oppa we were chatting. Coincidentally saw in the lift.
Song said: That person look like Kim Hyun Joong.
Xiong also said: He is Kim Hyun Joong ah!
At that moment, I........ can't say anything, as if my heartbeat stop beating
But.... infront of me, it is the real Hero Jea Joong.....
I am stunned and keep staring at Hero Jea Joong....
He just walked passed me
Smiling and greet: "Hi" TTTTTTTTTTTTTT
The Kim Hyun Joong who was beside him said: "He just farted"
We just see both of them chat
My all mighty Xiong Oppa, cunningly asked Kim Hyun Joong, saying that he is too charming and wanted him to sign an autograph for his sister. Song also requested for his signature.
After received, hehehe, but.... it is very small, hehehe
But Song also accepted it happily.
Today all thanks to Xiang Oppa, we could talked to Hero Jea Joong
Even joke with him, really like won a lotto.....
He kept walking around infront of me
Even if I don't eat I also can live, hehehe

Credits: (Original Source) cyworld + junjun198705 @ Baidu Tieba + (Chinese Translation) 睡娟 + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com


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