January 11, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's 4D Doodling

[News][2010.01.10] Kim HyunJoong, Doodling World During Radio Broadcast ‘Shall we decipher the 4th-dimension doodling?’


Famous for his 4th dimensional mentality (?), singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong’s doodling photos have gathered much attention from netizens.

In November last year, Kim HyunJoong attended SBS Radio Power FM ‘SS501’s Music High’ with his members, he was not concentrating on the broadcast but was doodling, this behavior became a topic of discussion among netizens once again.

Maybe it was because the broadcast started at 2am, Kim HyunJoong looked tired unlike the rest of the members. The members chattered around but Kim HyunJoong immersed into his own world of doodling.

According to the writers, the photos of his doodle was revealed and made the netizens laugh. Kim HyunJoong wrote his own name in Chinese characters (Hanja) on the script and also a word ‘Luxembourg (?)’.

He wrote thrice ‘Love Like This’ which is the title song from their new album. In addition, the drawing which resembles the crazy ‘Joker’ also makes people laugh. Seems like even our famous Korean netizens are unable to decipher 4th dimension Kim HyunJoong’s doodles.

Credits : http://www. tvdaily.co.kr/ + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

When I watched that Music High broadcast, I was wondering why Leader seemed unusually quiet and not really himself... well, these doodles are proof that he entered his 4D world again. I guess this is some sort of an escape for him...


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