If you've watched Thanks For Waking Us Up, there was an episode there where Leader woke up early to cook for the other members. And if you remember, he amused us with his out-of-this-world ideas and hilarious fake stories. PKL, the host of that show actually said that he will be asked to do cooking shows someday. Well here we go... Leader in a cooking show! Specifically, Fuji TV's 'Gourmand Table', which aired yesterday. Here are a few screencaps from the show. Hyun Joong is looking handsome in his apron. And the fan he is sooo lucky, she was fed with Leader's bare hands!!! The show is up in YouTube in 4 parts (1 | 2 | 3 | 4), but no English subs yet.

Credit: khj0606


Anonymous said...

waaaaah! this is what i've been waiting for more pics and video thank you so much for this...leader is so cute and superbly handsome if he will be a chef,then he will be the most handsome chef in the world ha ha ha...

lourdz said...

"batang-bata ka pa" HAHAHAHA
leader looks so young here.. though he's not that old naman.. pero,basta.. so cuuuttteeee... :)

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