January 5, 2010

Heo Young Saeng - Fallen

This is my 2nd video for Saengie...

Young Saeng has this seductive quality that draws people to him. Maybe it's his warm smile, his piercing stare, or maybe it's the magnetic pull of his signature moves, his angelic voice, or his mysterious aura, take your pick. But the whole package is just so appealing, you can't help but fall for him...

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P.S. YouTube rejected my audio again, so it's OneTrueMedia for you...


anna banzuela said...

Hi Kate, I just want to say that I really love this video. I just want to ask if I can post this on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

sorry, blocked ang chat sa ofc, sana mabasa nyo to agad... promo ang cebu pac... bilisan nyo na... ;)

LyN said...

otter bad boy prince young saengi!! hehe..so about the quality that draws people to him..i would have to say ALL!! his warm smile, his piercing stare, his signature moves, his angelic voice and his mysterious aura!! all of it!! haha..

i got so shocked @1:19 when suddenly saengi changed his position..i mean..i already saw that clip before..its just that my face is so near the monitor while i was watching..so it feels like he just suddenly came too near..notice that his face is so near the camera that time..i felt he kissed it because of the fast movement..(so i think u know what i felt!-LOL)..im getting crazy..haha.

thanks for making a second vid for saengi!! it is really great! ^_^

mokona said...

Yea! Yea! Yea! I'm happiest whenever i see a saegie fanvid >_<
I'm so loving this one too ^^

fav moments:

0:17-is he dancing "sorry sorry" ?
01:02-01:11-Sooo cute XD pulling at the tie until it breaks! guess he really doesn't like things hanging around his neck XD haha..(may i know when this was taken? O_o)

01:49-bad bad bad boy moment.. :P
01:57-that smile *faints~*
02:50-02-52 - cute.. >_<
02:59-03:02 -i think he really needs to get a hair cut,and he looked huggable!!
03:30- ah~ that smile i always loved.

i can't believe i can fall in love with saegie for so many times >_O
Many thanks for the video well made, much appreciated.

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

Nice movie! You have a good blog!

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng Oppa<333

thank you for sharing
Young Saeng is my favorite member of the group
Love Young Saeng Oppa
Love SS501<3

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