Okay, so Valentines Day is fast approaching and TSPH aims to give our Double S boys something memorable on this special day.


A handmade scrapbook that bears the TSPH mafias and messages from EVERY TSPH MEMBER all over the country. The scrapbook will be divided into five parts.

a. TSPH FORUM INTRODUCTION = basically a reprint of the same information you can find within the TSPH brochure given out at the KPOP CONVENTION.

b. TSPH MAFIAS = introduction to the unique TSPH product - the MAFIAS.

c. MESSAGES TO THE MEMBERS = your inspirational messages to the members of SS501.

d. TSPH FORUM PHOTO DVD = a dvd made of the pictures TSPH MEMBERS took during meet ups, gatherings and the KPOP CONVENTION.

e. TSPH MEMBERS NAMES AND EMAILS INDEX = a list of TSPH members and their email addresses.


To make sure that this project is as cost-efficient as possible, we are asking our TSPH sisters to help by pledging to provide any of the following materials.

a. Scrapbooking Materials = such as scrapbooking sheets and plastic covers 12x12 size, colored papers in lavender, pink, red, light green and light blue, scrapbooking decals, cutouts, stickers and other accessories. If you could help with any of these, please post your name and pledge within this thread.

b. Candies and Sweets = Valentines Day is called RED DAY in Korea. It is a holiday where it is the men and ONLY THE MEN who get gifts of sweets. If you guys could pledge to give our guys sweets which we can divide into snack packs for them, please post your pledge within this thread.

c. Downloadable TSPH pictures - We would appreciate it if you can put your pictures into download sites so we wouldn't have to be forced to grab them from your blogging accounts or you may pm the links to Akee so she can gather them up.

d. Messages to SS501 - Please post your messages to the SS501 guys in the TSPH FORUM. We know that you have your own favorite members but WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THAT YOU POST MESSAGES TO ALL THE SS501 boys and not only for your favorite member. Messages should only be five lines maximum. These messages will be printed out and pasted on to the scrapbook. If you feel shy about posting your messages here, you can pm any of the staff.


We're hoping to have a meet up by the third weekend of January to gather the pledges for sweets and scrapbook materials. That will also serve as the deadline for your messages. We're hoping to get the packages and scrapbooks done in time for Persona Bangkok so that it can be handed to the DSP representatives there and directly given to the boys.

Credit: hyunjeree@TSPH forum



Anonymous said...

Me want to partcipate! =( Sadly I live outside Pinas.

mokona said...

hi kate, i'm from singapore and would like to paticipate. it is ok to include my fan art inside this package? (most of them are in my blog: i'll try to more fanart from now on, is it possible that my fanart will be able to send to the boys?
Thank you so much for holding this activity. (downloadable sites icludes mediafire is it? O_o, cos i really want to send my fan art to them >_<

mokona said...

sorry >_< i meant is it ok to include my fanart..

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

Very interesting project, but I cant help from Brazil. ;(

CandyLovesKHJ said...

Hello! I would like to send scrap book and chocolate if possible. Where should I send it?


phtriples said...

hello candylovesKHJ, you can visit the TSPH forum, it's at or click the link I provided in my post, then you can coordinate with the admins there by posting your concerns on the thread. thanks!

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