January 19, 2010

Let's Cheer Leader Up!

Okay... I guess I need to write a piece here about what's going on right now... the issue with Leader attending the ex-President's birthday party has apparently been blown out of proportion. I mean, really! To be honest, I really am SAD for Leader. He did absolutely nothing wrong, and yet because of some misunderstanding and FALSE reports, he got a lot of hate and criticism from Netizens.

Some might wonder what's so wrong with attending the ex-President's birthday party. I guess the reason for this is that Chun Doo Hwan was one of Korea's most hated Presidents. Why? I do not know. If you're interested in researching this further, you can look it up in Google. My point here is that, Hyun Joong was just there because he was supposed to have dinner with DSP Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Ho Yeon. And coincidentally, Lee Ho Yeon had to make a quick stop at the ex-President's birthday celebration, so Hyun Joong had no choice but to tag along. Now Netizens are pointing fingers at Hyun Joong, accusing him of supporting the ex-President! Now if you're in Leader's shoes, what would you feel? Of course he's hurt! Why would people hate him for something that he didn't even intentionally do, right?

Again, this is another case of media reporters getting it all wrong. Just because they got a glimpse of Hyun Joong at the party, they would just, immediately jump into conclusions? They didn't even bother to find out the truth behind the incident. Their reports are skewed. And apparently, Netizens believe tabloids a little bit too much. Now DSP has released an official statement regarding this, and we've read it. So I think it's time to give this a rest! This is getting out of hand, and if we continue to add more fuel to the fire, it's gonna get even bigger! So I suggest, instead of adding insult to injury, let's just focus now on CHEERING LEADER UP! Liezle has posted something in HER BLOG, which allows us to leave messages of comfort and cheers to Hyun Joong. Also TSPH forum has created a THREAD where you could also send in your messages of cheers for Leader. I suggest that if you haven't done it yet, HEAD ON OVER to these sites and focus all your energy in creating a heartfelt message for Leader. There's a deadline for this guys, you only have a few more hours to leave your message, so hurry! These messages will be posted in DSP and PERFECT Cafe. Leader will definitely be visiting these sites, so he will be able to read our messages.

Well, what are y'all waiting for? We have to show Leader our support! I heard he's really pissed off and hurt because of all these negative criticisms. I'm scared that his work and SS501 will also be affected because of all this political mumbo jumbo. I HOPE NOT! Anyway, I hope Leader is stronger and more mature than that. Let's all pray that he will have the strength to move past this. I guess he's worried that there are so many anti's now because of him. Poor Leader. So we need to reassure him! Most of you might already have read the message he left in DSP. I'm not reposting it here because I believe we really don't need to make this issue even bigger. We Triple S fans shouldn't focus on the negative, we should just focus on making Leader feel better. You guys with me? :)


Anonymous said...

pwede ipost itong blog mong ito sa Hyunnies thread sa Pinoy exchange to gather support message

Anonymous said...

The ex-president wanted to dispose the top leader of the Army, so he hired military units to arrest him. Think that's the only thing? No, not yet. He was arrested a death sentence, but it was changed into life sentence. He "pardoned" (said in Wiki) a year later.

Geca said...

If you ask Koreans, this is a very serious matter. Of course, international fans like us won't know the difference, but guys, lets pray for leader, he really needs it.
To TripleS Korea, please stick with Leader and show him how you care.

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