Saw this video from Arirang, thanks to an anonymous tip in the shoutbox, it's about Pretty Boy Singers that would have been beautiful if they were born as girls. Our Young Saengie is at No. 2! Although to tell you the truth, I don't really agree with this poll. Young Saeng should be 1st! He's the prettiest when dressed as a girl! And he's certainly prettier than Hong Ki, right? What do you guys think?

1 FT Island - Hong Ki
2 SS501 - Heo Young Saeng
3 SHINee - Tae Min
4 Big Bang - G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong)
5 Super Junior - Kim Hee Chul

From: arirangworld@YouTube


Anonymous said...

I agree with you
YS oppa must be in #1 spot

I'm not telling this because I'm SS501 fan
but if someone gonna beat young saeng for being a girl it must Jae Joong(DBSK) or HeeChul(SUJU) not Hongki(no offence for Hongki/FT Island fans)
speaking of them(JaeJoong and Heechul) they're both close to YS oppa.

I dont even know why HeeChul is at #5 spot...

Black Heaven said...

Yes! i agree with the comment posted above. Young saeng oppa must be the prettiest if he's a girl. with that natural face, fair skin and black hair...

Anonymous said...

young saeng must be in number one spot..
if he was a girl . i think he was the most beautiful korean ever !!

with his natural and cute face !!

mokona said...

i agree with the first comment "i don't even know why HeeChul is at #5 spot"
i know of much prettier artist like Kevin from Ukiss. its kinda weird why he's not inside, but i think kevin can beat Hongki ( no offence to Hongki/FT island's fans) anyday.
And compare Hongki to young saeng, their style of prettiness is way different from each other, with saegie's the most popular of course. :P

Anonymous said...

to me i think our ss501 should take it all!! there's no prettier boys^^

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