January 29, 2010

I'm Missing Young Saeng...

I miss Young Saeng so much... recently, there's only news of Tom & Jerry, and Leader, Kyu at least dropped a message, but no Saengie... :( So I thought I'd post a really beautiful picture of him. This was taken in the airport when they were coming back from Hong Kong. I miss him so bad. Where on earth is he? Anybody seen him anywhere at all?

Credit: kimkyujong.com.cn


LyN said...

agree! 100%!! where on earth is he? the last time i've seen him is when he visited his dentist!! whoa!!.. i'm crossing my fingers that he's just hiding so that triple S will miss him terribly and then suddenly appear with a loud bang!! and then all of us will forget that he's been gone..for..like a month?..i wonder..does he have a new hairstyle nOW?..or maybe he's practicing hard for a new "bad boy" performance in BKK persona or in the encore concert!! hehe.

Anonymous said...

i miss him too.. -she

mokona said...

I have the same feelings too, i miss him so much that i kept browsing through his pictures. And i thought i was the only one crazily missing him.
Oh.. when will be ever get to see that smile of his again? Come back young saeng T^T he's gone without news for so long that it seems like he's really gone! OMO.. T^T

TK said...

I read somewhere that he was seen walking with Hyun Joong on the streets of Jamsil (area where HJ lives) He's probably with Hyun Joong, comforting him.

phtriples said...

hi TK! I posted the fan account! thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW the two hyungs
The awkward couple
comforting each other... THAT'S NICE

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