Speaking of the angel! Hahaha! In my last post I just mentioned that we never get to see Young Saeng anymore, and here he pops out! He attended a wedding too, but I don't know whose it is or when. But apparently, he also sang for the newlyweds. I hope we can see a video of it soon. But for now, here are pictures of him in the wedding. I wonder who are these girls with him. Maybe friends? Or relatives? He looks great!!! First time I've seen him since his dentist visit. Did he get a haircut too? And is it just me, or did he lose weight? He looks really good! I miss Otter so much!

Credit: SS601


LyN said...

speaking of the angel?..hihi..love that!..and yeah i think he lost some weight too! i love his hair! really miss him.. well next week we will get to see all five of them together again!! kate, have a nice trip! ur going to the BKK persona ryt?..so envy you! i just have to wait for u to share your amazing & wonderful experience!! ^_^

phtriples said...

hi LyN! yep, i'm going to see them in Bangkok! I can't wait! I'm so excited! :)

mokona said...

young saeng looks great in these photos, omo T^T miss him so much, he looks healthier and slimmer too
( guess the boys are all busy taking care of their family matters)
>_< oh, lucky you kate! enjoy yr trip and concert! can't wait to hear the experience from you.

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