At last! We see Kyu again! Recently, Leader, Baby and Mal are all over the news... but Kyu and Saengie are elusive! Finally, Kyu surfaced. He attended his sister Eunah's graduation. Remember, he mentioned in his Christmas message before, that his dongsaeng is graduating? He's such a sweet brother. And he loves his family so much. Ahhh, I miss Kyu!!! It's great to see him again! If you want to check out Kyu's previous messages, click here.

Credit: SS601


mokona said...

kya...>_< kyu is just too sweet! so caring towards his family. *faints*

KimYoungMeen said...

i hope i can have such suportive brother and caring brother just like kyu jong oppa

aemi said...

he's such a sweet and loving brother.. i do love you kyupido..:')mmm..

Anonymous said...

sweet and loving brother.. oh' i love you kyu

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