SS501 Kim Hyung Jun “Received Special Lessons from ‘King’”

‘Gaming idol? Singing gamer!’

Popular group SS501 member Kim HyungJoon will meet with ‘King’ professional gamer Im YoHwan (30, SK Telecom) on 6-Feb. Kim HyungJoon is currently appearing in MBC Game real variety program ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To be Pro-Gamer’ broadcasted every Wednesdays at 4pm.

Starting with ‘StarCraft’, Kim HyungJoon received intensive training from MBC Game pro-gamer team (Producer Ha TaeKi), and has the ambitious goal to be a qualified pro-gamer within 10 weeks. MBC Game who is producing this program revealed “There will be contents of him having special lesson from Im YoHwan who came to SK Telecom practice room.”

With this, Kim HyungJoon will watch the competition ‘ShinHan Bank Winners League’ held on 6-Feb at 1pm in Seoul MoonRae-dong, LOOX Hero Center. He will not only be an audience, but will be seated on the bench with MBC Game team player, having him experience 100% the excitement, the intensity and nervousness of the competition.

Even though Kim HyungJoon only started with ‘StarCraft’, he is a master in Nexon’s MMORPG game ‘Country of Wind’. Famous for being the world’s first graphic online game, ‘Country of Wind’ is a popular game winning popularity for 14 years straight.

Since his elementary school days where he logs on to internet through a modem, Kim HyungJoon has been an avid player of ‘Country of Wind’. Kim HyungJoon has characters of 4th advanced level in the server, and has been playing the game in his spare time in order to advance into the next level. The 5th level is the highest level in ‘Country of Wind’.

Kim HyungJoon’s brother, idol group U-Kiss’s Kim KiBum is also known as a maniac for ‘Country of Wind’ and ‘MaBiNoGi :HEROS’. His own group member Kim HyunJoong was also known to play ‘StarCraft’ and ‘Sudden Attack’.

Nexon’s public relations department said “Though there are many entertainers who like gaming, there isn’t many who are passionate gamer like Kim HyungJoon and Kim KiBum brothers. And Kim HyungJoon is already a big name among Nexon staffs due to his love for ‘Country of Wind’”

Credits : sportschosun + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I really enjoy watching Maknae in his new show, Progamer. He's cute, he's funny, he's adorable. Qualities that Hyung Jun successfully shows in this show. The show gets even more interesting. Can't wait for Episode 3!


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