If you remember, Jung Min will be appearing as a judge in 'Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan - Cutest Bride Championship Competition' which happens tomorrow, February 2. Well, he left for Japan this afternoon. Here's a short clip of him at the Haneda Airport. The fan who took the footage got real close! Wow, so lucky. Mal was about to be mobbed by fans! Hahaha. He's such a sweetie. He always gives the extra effort of waving and being extra friendly to the fans. Gotta love Jung Minnie!

Video Uploader: m0063823@YouTube

And also, I heard Kyu was filming for the 'SuperStar' series as well! Below is a picture of him filming. He is wearing a hospital robe. Would love to see Kyu acting again. And also Saengie!

Credit: www.kimkyujong.com.cn+김JJ님 블로그


Karren168 said...

Wow! Our Jung Min caused chaos at the airport... He's such a nice guy, waving to the fans, smiling... really trying his best to reach out to the fans, making the fans feel good :)

Cynthia!! said...

oohh!!!this fan is so lucky!!
And jung minie dear..he really take the effort to wave to the fans..and he himself caused the airport to be chaotic!!!he's really a nice guy..he wans to be frens wif all fans..

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