I'm back from Bangkok! Phew! It's been 5 days that I haven't updated this blog since I was so busy in Bangkok. I'm still trying to compile everything, getting some rest and sleep, I will try to write my own fan account from Bangkok soon. But for now, here are a couple of messages from Dear Jung Min when he was in Thailand. Apparently, he's opening up a new online store. CEO Park, that really cracked me up! He's so hilarious. Anyway, remember his online store for men, Royal Straight Flush? Well, he is opening up a new store, this time it's a fashion store for women. It's called Royal Avenue. Here's Jung Min to tell us more about it...

Hello? This is CEO Park

Today 501 is in Thailand to do our Thailand concert.

I'm here...i'm here~

but something big happened so i'm telling you guys right now.

You guys all know ONSTYLE is doing a program for a CEO?

Prior to the program

First of all,

On the 12th and 13th at 1 oclock the first part is revealed.

Even though its still getting ready

I wanted to be with many people so I'm posting this right now~

This is the womens site.


It's called Royal Avenue... and I believe the theme is 'I can't throw it out, its Royal'.

You can't see it now, but it opens on the 13th at 1 oclock so please come check it out!

I think the real opening is on the 19th..^^

Though it might take 5 more hours if we revise things..!!

But our goal is the 19th..!! So we can make it the same day as the first broadcast!!

And the program~~ Still doesn't have a name?!!

'Joint Stock Company Park Jung Min'??keke i should do that~~

Anyways! You guys will see my other side as CEO Park..keke

My weapon is giving laughter..keke

I'm not kidding around but I'm planning on raising my finances from being a singer...keke

And I'm planning out more new things ~~so have high expectations...

Well now I need to go so that I can be nice looking for the press confrence...

I'm going to put on Sugar..Uh...I just reminded myself so I went and rubbed some on.

It's total night over there..(Totally night time)

Since it's night time here too, I'll have to take a shower before bed, so I can look good.

Bye now...^^

Translation by Littlover @KHJIF


[Jung Min] Wait...!! 2010-02-12 PM 3:11:23

Originally scheduled to trial run on 13th 1am's Royal Avenue (Website Name)
Maybe need to delay already
The official website has some problem,
During the trial opening time are thinking of to test run a bit,
But seems like must be delayed, bow my head to apologize to you. (--)(__)
Once have an exact date will come here to leave message again.
Will successfully completed the Thailand concert and return~!
Thats all~!

Credits: SS501.dspenter.com + (Chinese translation) LOVE小马马 @ parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.


Anonymous said...

i really want to know how to enter royalavenue's site.. do you know how?

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