February 10, 2010

Off To See Persona In Bangkok!

For those who are going to Bangkok, you guys must be pretty excited, huh? Well, I'm leaving for Bangkok tonight, and I'm psyched! Although I don't think I will be able to update this blog in the duration of my 5-day stay in Bangkok. :( But I will certainly try! If not, then I'll see you all when I get back! I can't wait to see my 5 favorite men in person, all together, for the first time! Wish me luck guys! See ya! ^_^



sha filan said...

u're leaving???
have fun ya??
send my regard to the boys tooo!
and catch lots lots of photos!!!!
be waiting for updates here! hehehe

Jonique Del Rosario said...

OMG... im srsly hating you right now... XD


send my love for the boys! >o<

have fun! and post a lot of photos alright! ;p

LyN said...

woot!! have a safe trip! you are so lucky! have fun! (which im pretty certain you will! ^_^) take a lot of pictures! hehe..

btw..love the gif..leader being pushed to i dont know where..tom & jerry moments..kyu jong showing his good manners again and saengi being glued on his place..

Good Luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

bon voyage. looking forward your ss501 stories and experiences when you come back. take care. have fun!

nerissa said...

kate will wait for your updates of the persona bkk
when you come back. soo jealous of you at last you will see our boys in person especially our fave leader.hugs and kisses to ss501 for us if possible ha ha ha...
this is unnie nerissa.

Karren168 said...

Hi Kate! I'm soo excited for you & the rest of our SS501 Persona Bangkok (Triple S Philippines) sisters... Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Pls help vote " Best Fan Club " SS501 ,http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.asp?n=1

Anonymous said...

How's PERSONA? Did you see our 5 men at once? AAAAH IM DYING TO KNOW. Please post ur story while youre in Bangkok!

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