Here's the first surge of pics from the Persona Encore Press Conference earlier today. Wow, the release of photos is really fast! This is only the first batch, I'm sure a lot more will be out soon! I won't be posting them all here, if you want to see more photos, just head on over to this album: SS501 Persona Encore Press Conference. I will be updating this album when more photos get out. So do check from time to time. By the way, the boys are looking fresh and handsome in these pics. Is it just me, or is Young Saeng looking a LOT thinner than he looked in Bangkok? Hmm... Watch the SSTV unsubbed video clip from the Press conference, and look at all the flashes! Click here for Leader focus.

Video Uploader: kelemama1@YouTube


Credits: as tagged on pics


tonz.cah_04 said...

You're more handsome with your hair young saeng!

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