[News][2010.02.27] SS501 conveyed their plans for their new album released

On 27th, before their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, in the press conference, SS501 revealed their plans for their new album and received much concern.

As for when SS501 new album will be able to reveal to all, they expressed: "The 2nd album is currently under preparation, we have decided together with our company to release it on 1 May since it represent 501. Whether it is a full 2nd album or mini album, it is not confirmed yet. However, because with the thoughts of '501 days', so the new album will be revealed on 1 May.

In addition, SS501 revealed 'Holding our concert in Asia region, we have received a lot of response/feedback from the audience, it helped in planning the stage, song, and dance well. Unknowingly, while holding the concert, one year has past, we have grown up for another one year old, coming to the mid of 20s, becoming more matured."

Lastly, SS501 expressed that they are working towards the target to hold their Asia Tour Concert every year.

Credits: happy@osen.co.kr + (Chinese translation) By:hyunglang@Baidu Tieba SS501 + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Wow! May 1?! That's only 2 months from now! My heart is thumping. This is really exciting! Can't wait!


falling_slowly said...

yearly concert? yes pls... and ill be touring asia as well!

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