Our dear, sweet Kyu can't sleep at the wee hours of this morning, so he left another message for us. He must be feeling wired and pumped with excitement and enthusiasm for the concert tonight, not to mention exhausted after all those rehearsals I bet. And yeah, of course it's natural to feel a little nervous too, right? So sweet of him to scribble down a short note to us to tell us how he feels. Good luck Kyu Jongie! Congratulations to you and your SS501 brothers. Aja Aja!

[Kyu Jong] Finally going to start!! Hehe^^ 2010-02-27 AM 3:07:53

Korea Encore Concert finally going to start. He
We have charmingly completed our rehearsal !!!!!!
Now I reach home!!
We are very satisfied with our charming performance that we prepared together ^^
During encore, I wanted to give a lot of nice gifts for my baby... hehe
Specially prepared !!
This is our last stop for Persona Concert !!
Aja~~~ hehe
I can't fall asleep now !! He
Is there any way to make me fell asleep faster... T
Once panic then can't fall asleep!!
Must let you see more charming stage!!
Aja~aja~Fighting~!!!! heehee
See you at the concert~~ Good night everybody !!!!!!!!!

Thank you..... ^^ Hee

Credit: SS501.dspenter.com + (Chinese translation) buyia @ Tieba Baidu SS501 + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Original Message in Hangul:

[규종]드디어 스타트!! ㅎㅎ^^ 2010-02-27 오전 3:07:53

드디어 한국에서의 앵콜공연 시작합니다 ㅎ

저희는 멋지게 마무리 리허설을 마치고 !!!!!!!


우리 오공돌이들 멋지게 준비 많이 했어요^^

앵콜이라서 우리 이쁜이들에게 많은 선물 해주고 싶어서 ...ㅎㅎ

준비 열심히 했어요!!

다들 우리 이번 페르소나 마지막 공연 즐겨요!!

아싸~~~ ㅎㅎ

나도 지금 잘꺼예요!!ㅎ

떨려서 잘 잘 수 있으려나...ㅜ

긴장도 되고 떨리지만!!

열심히 멋진 무대 보여줄께요!!

아자아자 화이팅!!! 히히

공연장에서 봐요~~ 다들 안녕!!!!!!!!!

고마워요.....^^ 히


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행운을 빕니다

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