February 26, 2010

Sentimental Thoughts...

Okay, I'm getting all emotional and sentimental again... tomorrow is the Encore Concert, and I can't be there to cheer SS501 on. Sigh. I wish it was Feb 13 all over again. And I wish I were boarding a plane right now to Korea to see them again. It's just that seeing them in Bangkok, FINALLY, in person... it just made me even more addicted to them!. I want to see them all the time! I want to be able to gaze at them for as long as I could! Man, these boys are really driving me crazy! My longing for them just keeps on increasing 501-fold. Kekeke.

It's really hard to explain... I've never felt anything like this for any artist before. Don't get me wrong, seeing SS501 on TV, YouTube, pictures, it brings a smile to my face, yeah. But SEEING them for real, that's a whole new level of experience and feeling. It's like, when I see them there in FRONT of me, the earth stops for a bit and then I'm plunged into a world of EXCITEMENT and HAPPINESS and MUSIC. It's electrifying. Hearing them sing... watching them perform LIVE, in person... it gives me goosebumps that goes all the way from the tips of my fingers to the toes of my feet. It gives me that fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can't seem to brush off. Hearing the loud screams of the fans gets my heart pumping like crazy. It's pure adrenaline rush! Seeing them in person is really a dream come true for me. They're not just the pretty flower boys that we see on TV. They're real! And being able to see them live in concert, it's a feeling that's beyond compare. And I don't ever wanna lose that feeling! For those who have seen them in person, you probably know what I'm talking about, right? I mean, you might be nodding your heads in different levels of agreement, but I know you definitely agree with me. And for those who haven't seen them yet, I'm telling you... it's all worth it, guys!

I guess what I'm really trying to say is... I want to see them again. So bad! For all those who are attending the Encore concert... I just can't say it enough, you guys are so blessed! Enjoy the 2-day concert, savor every single moment of it, because you are with our boys! And I know they've worked their butts off to make it extra special for the fans. Capture the performances, the smiles, the little moments, the aegyos, the tears... and preserve them in pictures and fancams, so we can also feel the excitement and happiness you guys felt. Give our boys a lot of love! HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!

As for SS501, Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Hyung Jun... CONGRATULATIONS for a successful 1st Asia Tour. Thank you guys for all the happiness you've brought us during this tour. We Triple S will be waiting for whatever comes next! And we'll always be here to support you. Saranghae SS501!!! Peace out.


tonz.cah_04 said...

I agree! I felt that craziness too! I can't resist of them! I just smiled alone seeing them on internet and listening to their music 24/7 from monday to sunday night!LOL I went to HK just to buy their albums cause it's sold out here in phils. know what you're still lucky cause you were able to see them in bangkok how much more for those who haven't seen them yet huhu i want to be devoted as you and tripleS and i'll never surrender that dream - to watch them live in concert hopefully this year. I'll start saving my salary hehe ms. kate let's watch huh? Good luck SS501 and congratulations! I never felt this happiness before KAMSAHAMNIDA SS501 =^..^=

Karren168 said...

OMG Kate! You just wrote down exactly what I feel... (although I have not seen our SS501 men in person) no more words to add... just hoping everyday, to see & interact with them in person soon... :)

nadinads said...

Hi Miss Kate~!!!

I SOOO agree with you! I also went to Bangkok to watch the concert (but I didn't met any Triple S Filipinas though, sooo sad...but it was worth it!)
Actually, I don't know if you also felt this 'feeling' but, when I went to the concert and saw them in person...it seems that I can't get enough. I mean, I kinda felt sad for a sec because I only saw them for like 2 hours. I missed them so much and I can't seem to get-over or move on since the concert, I honestly don't like to watch the fancams because it will just make me feel the wild concert spirit and miss them again and it will not help me to move on. But I REALLY felt everything you wrote above, I can't even eat for like 3 days after the concert because I'm still floating on cloud-nine...LOL~
It's seems like a dream until now for me, just like you, the excitement and happiness just never left my mind and heart...I was sooo happy to finally saw them in person^^ (but at the same time, just like what I wrote earlier, I still can't move on, it's just so hard to explain the feeling...well, I can't say that I got depressed though...seeing them in person will really make you want to see them again, to watch them perform more, you can't just get enough...^^)

Okay, just want to share what I felt...Thank you for sharing yours! I can really relate!

SS501 FiGHTiNG~!!! XD

Anonymous said...

hi ms kate! we hav the same feeling when i also watched them in bkk - to see them for real - in person - can't explain the feeling! same as you never felt to any artist like this - it's getting me crazy - i bought some of their albums in hk and some in yesasia - i want to complete their albums - begining to collect some stuff - collection - posters - etc, anything about them- i really miss them so much - want to see them more! we are going to korea this coming march 31 - hope to attend bday of jungmin on apr 3 kekeke - and hope to meet some triple s korea - ahhhh it's getting me crazy - hard to explain - SS501 Fighting! we are here for you! love you!

falling_slowly said...

im nodding!
i wish we met during BKK Persona as I was with the TSPH BKK ladies. it was fun sharing the experience of SS501 together with them.

kudos to your work..

Emily <3 said...

I'm so jealous of the Asian fans... I'm in East Coast, U.S. and I don't know if I'll *ever* get to see them. D: I would give anything to see them in person!! >.< But until that day comes (if ever) I am enjoying your blog so much! You and all the other fans who have blogs and sites devoted to the amazing SS501 guys make us American fans feel not *quite* so far away. ^^ Thank you! <33

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