Here's another set of Funny SS501 Macros courtesy of my Triple S sisters from Tumblr. It's been a quiet day again, no significant news about our dear boys. But soon, we will see them all together again! Hopefully before their comeback! Thanks for those who made these macros! Wanna see more Funny SS501 Macros?



Cynthia!! said...

oh!!so amusing!!thanks for posting!!!im alrdy missing SS501 so's good to have a good laugh when im bored!!

Jonique Del Rosario said...

hahaha! Baby~♥

"I like Juice"

you kill me!

(these are so fun! im going to make some myself too! hahaha)

Nelza said...

I always waiting next post titled "Funny SS501 Macros (Part...)

hhahaha...the photos always choked me!

and Baby, always, have the most expressive face..

for this one, i like Baby with Kyu Jong massaging him..LOL ^o^

Janice said...

XD!! The second one is really funny! <3 Saeng's face in the corner.

Janice said...

And I just realised...isn't it 'I think, therefore, I am' the main motto of Hyun Joong's star sign Gemini?? XD

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