March 4, 2010

Wet & Wild Young Saeng!

Leader doing JitJoong was expected, but many were surprised and delighted when Young Saeng did a semi-JitSaeng during Persona Encore (see video below). He ripped off his white shirt, and he was all wet and looking sexy and HOT! Look at all that water mixed with sweat! Damn, is it hot in here or what?! Young Saeng!!! For more Young Saeng pics, CLICK HERE. If you want to download 80 Wild & Sexy Young Saeng Pics... click on the button below. ^_^

Wet & Wild Young Saeng Pics
Download all 80 pictures!

Credits: as tagged on pics

JitJoong vs Semi JitSaeng
And here's a video of Young Saeng imitating Leader doing JitJoong in both nights of Persona Encore. He is just so funny. LOL. I just wish he took it all off and didn't have to leave that black wifebeater underneath. Maybe next time. ^_^ After all, according to Jung Min, one thing to look forward to in the 2nd album is Young Saeng's sexy image. Apparently, he's been working out! Can't wait!!! I'm sure you guys are excited too right?! I know you are!

Video Uploader: lovetop7@YouTube


tonz.cah_04 said...

Whoa young saeng - he really got the voice, the looks and the body!!!

Nelza said...


i shocked and my face turned red (blush!!)when i saw these pics at first time.....

our shy prince turn wild yaaa...

he looks HOT on that black wet undershirt..LOL

well, i cant imagine if he do more than this one..
(like leader showed up his wow-six-pack-stomach)

Love you saengi..

thanks kate eonni for sharing these all..
i want to link this speial page on my FB..^^

hmm oya, which concert was this one??

phtriples said...

Hi Nelz, it's from PERSONA ENCORE, I think I've mentioned that in the post. ^_^ Young Saeng is smoking hot, right?! :)

Anonymous said...

Young Saeng is getting hotter eveyday

Love you Young Saeng OPPA

Anonymous said...

can you post leader's pic also that we can download in mediafire ??? ^-^

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