February 28, 2010

What I Missed In Bangkok...

Okay, I've been on JitJoong withdrawal since the moment I found out that Leader wasn't going to rip his clothes off back in Bangkok Persona, so I've been silently counting the days to Persona Encore, where I'm sure he would do it again. And boy, was I right?! Woo hoo! JitJoong! JitJoong! JitJoong! Although it still would have been A HUNDRED TIMES better if I were able to see it unfold LIVE in front of my very own eyes (still seething over Thai regulations). Oh well, I guess there's nothing more I can do except drool over these pictures and let my imagination run amok. At least I can imagine it happening in 3D inside my mind. Kekeke. To see more Leader pics from Encore, CLICK HERE.


Credits: as tagged on pics


Cynthia!! said...

aww..so sexy of leader!!!i do hope as in wad they said..there will be a yearly concert and hope they do come to singapore and of cos philippines too!!for now..pls..SS501 oppas..stay healthy and rest well!!!

tonz.cah_04 said...

His body is a wonderland! ;D

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