The SS501 1st Asia Tour has finally come to a close. Heard that the boys cried during the ending. They brought out a cake for Kyu and they sang Happy Birthday. Kyu cried and Baby went to him and hugged him. They were trying to control their tears as they each took their turns to talk, Leader couldn't hold back his tears. He really delivered a very touching message. He said that after all these years, he's grown into an adult and the fans are still with him. He hopes that the fans will stay with him till he grows old, till the day he cannot walk. Awww, the other members comforted him. All 5 boys were very emotional. They joined hands, cried and said, "SS501 forever as one... SS501 and Triple S together forever." Isn't that the sweetest thing? Heard Leader and Baby cried the hardest. Awww, I can just imagine their faces. Shux, I'm getting all emotional right now... I'm tearing up too.

I really wish I had gone to the Encore Concert instead of Bangkok Persona. Although I've experienced so many exciting things in Bangkok, I would have traded it all just to be able to attend Encore and cry with the boys. I can just imagine the atmosphere, emotions running high, everyone crying, but at the same time with huge smiles on their faces. It's a moment filled with laughter, tears, sadness, happiness, excitement... a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. I wish I could be a part of all that. Those who were there to experience it LIVE are so lucky because they get to have that moment etched in their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives. It's a feeling beyond words, I should say. No words can explain what those fans felt right at that moment, when it seemed like the whole world stood still and the only thing that mattered were the 5 boys standing on stage, AS ONE UNIT, with pure love and gratefulness in their hearts for their fans. And all Triple S around the world were tuning in. It's a solemn moment for both SS501 and Triple S!

Guys, they're not saying goodbye, they're saying SEE YOU ALL SOON! This bittersweet farewell is really touching. I cried while I was reading the fan accounts and live updates. I am just so PROUD of SS501! They've come a long long way! Their dreams have been realized, and they're sharing their victories with us, their loyal and loving fans. Just like the boys said, SS501 and Triple S together forever! Without SS501, there will be no Triple S, and without Triple S, there will be no SS501. The journey doesn't end here. It's just starting. And boy, are we in for a great ride!


tonz.cah_04 said...

Even if I wasn't able to witness their 1st Asia Tour but still I'm glad to know that this one is a huge success! They're always in my prayers - for now that's my way to show my support for them.

mokona said...

Yes kate.. No matter where they are, how old they are, triple S will always be there for them. As long as SS501 exist, we triple S will exist too. Indeed a touching moment which i would love to be a part of. The love the boys have for us, we triple S will be giving them the same thing.
"SS501 forever as one, SS501 and Triple S together forever has got to be the sweetest thing i've heard *gosh.. i'm starting to tear too*
The world stood still that moment, and nothing matter expect the fact we triple S are sharing this moment with SS501.This precious time all triple S around the world are sharing with them.
Yes leader, we triple S will grow old with you and never stop supporting you.SS501 will forever live in our hearts.

SS501 taught me to be thankful to all those things around me and also to give back the love that i have received from SS501 and my fellow Triple S sisters. I've learnt alot of things from SS501.I am thankful to be able to know SS501 and be a part of Triple S.

Thank you kate for sharing this account.

Anonymous said...
Video of SS501 crying
love them<333 don't cry oppas

SS501 is going to stay at DSP ent. yeah!
their going to comeback this May
waiting for the comeback

Anonymous said...

I'm really touch with what SS501 said.."SS501 forever as one... SS501 and Triple S together forever." I really love this line...huhu^am really crying^... I as a tripleS I will support you(SS501) forever..even though in a simple thing..FIGHTING!!!!

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