CEO Park left another message a few hours after the Encore concert! He left a message yesterday, and now another one! His message is soooo funny! Out of all the members, he was the only one who didn't cry. But I bet he's trying to hold back his tears too. Jung Minnie trying to be a grown up man. Kekeke.

[Jung Min] 2010-02-28 ~~!!^^ 11:57:02 PM

Goodnight Jungmin... Have a good rest, you deserve it......

Translated ver...

The fiery fiery asia tour concert has really ended now ne.. ^^

What is this little unwillingness feeling...

We did it.. the kind of feeling is present too... and it was indeed

Now the tears have fallen down...^^

But I didn't tear this evening (at the concert) because I am a man.

Those who cried today are little crying kids... (sarcastic kkk) keke

Because I'm a tough guy ya...keke

Up until now those who worked again our SS501 members~!

again as well as the one and only father Lee Ho-yeon President,

as well as all the well as SSS!!

Really so thank you to you all right in my heart~!!

Ah...this kind of feeling...

Don't know...because I'm a teen so I have to go to sleep..

Don't want to be nagged at again~~

If I became a kid just a little bit more (don't understand what he meant) will get nagged at~~

So then...Goodnight (english pronounced & written in korean), jja-yee-jji-en (zaijian, goodbye of mandarin pronounced & written in korean), o-ya-seu-mi-na-sa-i (japanese oyasuminasai pronounced & written in korean)~ sleep well (goodnight)~

Credits: + (Chinese ref.) LOVE小马马@NO.43Park ( + (Korean to English) OdeDS @

Original Message in Hangul:

[정민]와~~!!^^ 2010-02-28 오후 11:57:02

이제 정말 두근두근 아시아투어가 끝이났네..^^

뭔가 시원섭섭한 기분...

해냈다..라는 기분도 있고..서운해서...

지금 눈물이 나네...^^

하지만 오늘 저녁에 안울었으니까 난 남자다운거다.

오늘 운 사람은 쪼다 꼬맹이자식들...ㅋㅋ

난 터프가이니까...ㅋㅋ

지금까지 수고해 주신...

음...또 우리 SS501의 멤버~!

그리고 또 하나의 아부지 이호연 사장님,

그리고 한분 한분의 스탭 여러분들...그리고 SSS!!

너무 감사해서 가슴이 저리네요~!!

아...이런 기분...

몰라...난 소년이니까 잘래..

털어놓고 싶지 않아~~

조금 더 어른이 되면 털어놓을래~~

그럼...굿나잇. 짜이찌엔, 오야스미나사이~잘자용~


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