SS501 Hyung Jun, a round of match with the next generation leads of MBC Game

Hyung Jun becomes a progamer, Episode 9 to broadcast on 24th.

Previously on the 17th at 4pm, MBC game Hero Center held an exciting match at the Munrae-dong. It is none other than the 'MBC Game Hero - final assessment match for the gamer trainees' which caused such enthusiasm.

Through MBC Game's welcomed corner "SS501 HyungJun becomes a progamer", for the sake of Kim HyungJun who has been studiously going through a training period, this final assessment match was specially carried out for him. To Kim HyungJun who experienced failure by having been eliminated twice in the Joon progamer programme, PD Ha Tae-gi will be giving this final chance to him to prove the worth of his magical hands. Especially this time, Kim HyungJun left an invitation on the noticeboard of official homepage, he showed his will of wanting to prove his skills in front of the fans, this in return, recorded about 5000 views to it in total, thus attracting more attention.

On this day, all the members of HERO game visited the finals of the '13th game round', consisting of gagman Kim Hyung-in, which was held prior to Hyungjun's game. The 2:2 teamplay of Kim Hyung Jun, Seo Kyung-jong VS Kim Hyung-in, Im Bo-sung, was carried out after that. Right until the last teamplay event, fan service could be seen throughout too.

In the 'MBC game hero - final assessment match for gamer trainees' which was held before the teamplay event, and to be broadcasted later on, an intelligent brain toss by Lee Jung-hoon will be shown in the programme as well. On the 24th, Elite School League's championship experiencer Kim Dong-hyun will be turning into the rival of Kim HyungJun and will rival against his glamour. The next generation leads who are gathered together through MBC Game Hero, their skills will be revealed through the programme for the first time through TV like this.

For the sake of "Becomes a Progamer", Kim Hyung Jun's harsh challenge could be confirmed through March 24, Wednesday's MBC Game "SS501 HyungJun becomes a progamer" at 4pm.

Credits: nate news + 601 + ode@blog

Hmmm, I thought Hyung Jun lost already? Oh well, I guess let's wait for the official announcement. I'm currently watching episode 7 of MBC's 'Hyung Jun Becomes A Progamer', and I'm ROFL. Kekeke. I wish Episode 8 is subbed soon! I wonder until what episode this show will be. I hope it's not gonna end yet coz I'm really enjoying Maknae in this!


Nina Aziz said...

gud luck maknae!!!

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