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Standing on the stage is a daily matter for top stars, this may become an issue for people to talk about, but it is through the stage where the top stars receive love from. After photos of idol group SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong kicking football were revealed, it caused about a topic of discussion amongst fans.

The personal life of Hyun Joong has usually been relatively introduced quite often since he has an easy-going character (so he doesn't mind), and this time, his privacy has been exposed again. In the daum cafe 'I love soccer' noticeboard, pictures and videos of Kim HyunJoong having a soccer match were published.

Kim HyunJoong wore blue colored uniform and was seen to be having a tough match with other players. Unawared, Kim HyunJoong began chasing the soccer ball furiously, thus displaying his busy footwork.

The netizen who posted the photos even went on to talk about what happened after the ball game, this further captured the attention of fans. This netizen has praised HyunJoong's looks and mannerisms, as well as his football skills, saying, "We played soccer together on that day, then went to bathrooms together too kkk, and had meals together too".

Fans who saw this left various comments saying, "So envious of them both going to bathrooms together", "Indeed, Hyunjoong oppa is jjang, his football pose is so unique", "I want to play soccer the next time round with him too".

A netizen posted pictures of Kim HyunJoong and soccer ball on the portal site Daum cafe "I love soccer" recently.

In the picture, Kim HyunJoong wore blue sports shorts, and was moving across the field smoothly. This attracted about a heated response from fans.

To this, netizens said, "This is the first time I see idols playing football", "So heartwarming", "Where is this neighbourhood that he played soccer at nya?", showing various different responses and concerns over this.

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Like I said, it would have been such a joy to see him live in action on the field. Seeing the pictures is one thing, but seeing him play in real life is another thing altogether. And even his soccer moves are unique, huh? 4D moves from a 4D guy? Kekeke. I love it! Go Hyun Joong!

Oh and by the way, I'm also loving Leader's shoes here. It's the Adidas F50i TUNiT (which also comes in other colors). Cool! He's really color coordinated too. Keke. Ahhhh, love everything about him!


Anonymous said...

Ya ,its good to see hallyu star like Hyun joong natually enjoying sports without posing,media lights, makeup,formal clothes,etc . Enjoy sportsy life Hyun joong with your neighbors !

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