[News] Japan Launches Hallyu Fan Card

From SS501 to Lee Seo Jin
Japan Launches Hallyu Fan Credit Card for Hallyu Fans

Japan will be launching Hallyu credit card for Hallyu fans.

The annextele corporation held a media event at a certain hotel in Seoul on 10th March. At the press conference, it was revealed that they would be collaborating with Yahoo Japan to launch the Hallyu Fan Card which targets at the Japanese market.

The Hallyu Fan Card is a credit card that is specially targeted at Yahoo Japan users and Hallyu fans. Holders of this Fan Card will be able to participate, free of charge, in all the Hallyu activities that will be held both in Japan and Korea. Targeting only at Japanese nationals, the annual membership fee is only 26,000 yen, and that will entitle the cardholders complimentary access to all (such) activities.

This implies that cardholders will be able to participate for free in concerts, fan meetings and other activities held by the organizers and even together with travel agencies that usually come at very high prices.

The organizing team behind the Hallyu Fan Card said that this economical and practical avenue will benefit the future development of Korean pop (Hallyu) culture to external markets.

The Hallyu Fan Card will kickoff with SS501's Concert in Japan on 25th April.

They will also be invited to participate for free Lee Seo Jin's fan meeting in Japan, and Dream Concert in Korea, as well as activities involving SG Wannabe, T-ara and other artistes in June.

Thereafter, there will be a big-scale fan meeting with Cha Tae Hyun at a filming site in Korea, a fan meeting with Jang Hyuk in September and a public performance featuring Park Shin Hye, etc.

The annextele representative further said that they have plans to recruit 50,000 members for the year 2010, based on first-come-first-served basis, and 100,000 members in 2011 and 150,000 members in 2012.

Yahoo Japan will also create a special Hallyu section (online) to introduce Hallyu stars. Recently, they have also signed a contract with the seven-member group, U-Kiss.

Credit: NEWSEN + SS601.com + (chinese trans) dmsqkddnf @ HyunJoongChina.com + (english translation) happiebb @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Again, Japanese fans are so damn lucky because they are eligible to get this credit card. I want one too!!! So Japanese Triple S, get one now and see SS501 exclusively!


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