Kim Hyun Joong is the Most Popular Advertisement Endorser

Korean group SS501 not only gaining great sales result for their album. According to Warner Music, in the South Korea ADwaple advertising specialise website '2009 South Korea Advertisement Trend gross total', SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong defeated popular star Lee Min Ho, winning the most popular advertisement endorser.

Kim Hyun Jung won the champion position with 27.1% supportor rate, and was crowned as South Korea Most Popular Advertisement Endorsement Male Star. Lee Min Ho who acted in the Korea version 'Boys over Flowers''s Goo Jun Pyo won the 2nd position with a supportor rate of 19.9%. Lee Sheung Ki who acted in 'Shining Inheritance' won the 3rd position with 19.6%.

At end February, a new credit card advertisement by Kim Hyun Joong was released in South Korea, due to the sentence 'wearing nothing when sleeping', it has once again became a hot topic among the fans. Warner Music revealed, Kim Hyun Joong who was always busy with jobs, because of the new CF which become a new topic, is expected to receive even more endorsement jobs.

Starting from August last year, SS501 held their Asia Tour Concert in various asia country, the 1st concert started in Korea, follow by Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, most stops were fully booked!

In order to allow the Taiwan fans review SS501 fantastic performance, Warner Music will release SS501 Japan Bodukan 120mins Asia Tour DVD. Allowing the fan to experience SS501's charm on stage.

Credits: Yahoo News + (English translation)

It is a FACT that if you hire Hyun Joong to be the endorser of your product, sales will soar. When we were in Bangkok, a lot of us bought Tony Moly stuff just to get Hyun Joong's poster! His charms and good looks combined is a POWERFUL motivation for people to buy. So you can't go wrong if you trust this beautiful boy to fill your business with customers. I mean, after all he's not the Most Popular Advertisement Endorser for nothing. ^_^


tonz.cah_04 said...

His versatility made him to be the cream of the crop! You're really a star..

Anonymous said...

u made it again leader...everybody wants you!...keep in up ...for having a good performance..... we your fans... we will always here for you...take care always cz we care for u a lot....

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