I fell asleep last night downloading something, I didn't even see that Hyung Jun tweeted again! About 10 hours ago, he tweeted another picture of his, with the message "멋진 송지오 선생님과 피팅때." Translation: During my fitting, and with the amazing Song Ji-oh songsaeng-nim. Thanks to ODE for translating! Here's the picture...

Also, I just saw a schedule for Hyung Jun (and I'm late in posting this). Did he really model yesterday for SONGZIO homme? Yeah, he's with the designer Song Jioh in the pic above. I have no idea if he really did model yesterday. Oh well, I guess we will see pictures if he did. ^_^

Seoul Fashion Week 2010 F/W

Official website: http://www.seoulfashionweek.org/main/

Hyung Jun’s runway details:

2010 F / W Seoul Collection (SONGZIO homme)

Time: 3/26 Friday at 7:00pm

Location: SETEC 1 hall

Designer: Song Jioh

Designer collection: SONGZIO homme


Ticketing: http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=10001742

Credits: Pretty Boy + (English Translation) ss501fighting


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