[News] SS501 Park Jung Min, Transformed into Classic Dandy Guy on Runway walk

‘Pasta’ Bbogeuli HyunWoo and SS501 Park Jung Min will be on runway.

HyunWoo and Park JungMin will go on stage for male character casual brand BON during Seoul Fashion Week on 27-Mar.

Park JungMin and HyunWoo are both over 180cm, with their handsomely tall height and muscular built, they will show their walking down the runway to be as good as other models. Representative of brand BON said “Park JungMin who has a lot of experience as fashion show model possesses expert ease. We casted HyunWoo because he is a mixed of teenager and matured guy, and possesses a dandy feel.”

The brand, BON, has participated for consecutive 5 years since Seoul Fashion Week started in year 2000. BON prepared distinct classic type of fashion with unconventional stage made-up, where it would bring a strong impression.

Both of them will appear as models for BON’s collection on 27-Mar at SETEC.

Credits : leeuh@newsen.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Jung Minnie is back on the runway! Here's Jung Min's trademark pose donning clothes from BON. Looking stylish Mal!

Credits: BON + SS601.com


Anonymous said...

I find that Jung Min almost always pose in the same way with his neck bent as if the picture frame cannot contain all of his body .I think he is not that tall compared with the rest of SS501 members -maybe 1 or 2 cm more .

Nina Aziz said...

omo0o0o00o~~jung min oppa dazzle me!!!

Anonymous said...

jung min is the best model <3<3<3

-- AnD by the way jung min is the tallest member in SS501 (O.O)

NotAnAnonymous said...

His hair would not show up in the picture if he doesn't bent his head. Think of it.

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