Here are backstage photos from Persona Encore. I thank whoever took this photos because with them we get a glimpse of what the boys are doing backstage. Even though they're professionals and veterans already when it comes to concerts, having been doing a lot in their 5 years as SS501, I'm sure they still get nervous every time they start a concert. Their aim is always to do their best to give us an entertaining and fun performance. Seeing their faces right before they're going to appear onstage, you can see mixed emotions. Nervousness, excitement, determination, eagerness, and a desire to make people happy. SS501 fighting!

Credits: + crazynoona @ soompi


Vince said...

thanks for posting the pix! :) and keeping us updated!

Cynthia!! said...

ohh!!jung minnie looked so cute in here!!sucking a lollipop!!thanks kate!!all of them looked so refreshing in here!!

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