Hyung Jun was seen in the airport leaving for Japan last March 19, 2010. According to what I read, he's recording a TV show there for Japan NHK. I don't have other details about this except that Jung Min was also seen leaving with him. Tom & Jerry together! Wow! I don't know if Mal just accompanied him, maybe he's doing some shopping in Japan? Kekeke. Nonetheless, I love seeing this two together. I'm sure that on the way, they'll be bickering and fighting and having fun. Haha! I just wish I could see it. I miss seeing these two fool around. I wonder when they'll be back. Does anyone know if they're back in Seoul already? In the video below, that's Jung Min wearing the hoodie. What is he doing in 0.14-0.16? Hahaha! It's nice to see Baby waving and smiling to the fans, but I wish there's also a clean shot of Jung Min...

Video Uploader@mangosorbet@YouTube

Pic Credits: Pretty Boy


sugaresh said...

Thanks for sharing! ^_^ It seems like Mal was doing the butt dance or maybe the Holla dance at 0.14! haha! DSP love!

oh btw, I love Baby's hair! ^_^

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