Hyun Joong made me cry again... I saw this vid in ODE's blog and it's sooo touching that I can't help but share this here as well. It's a fanvid compiling some of Leader's most beautiful messages to us fans. After a long day at work, it's so great to be able to turn to SS501 for some inspiration, laughter, happiness, and love. Reading these messages, I am reminded once again how much Hyun Joong has evolved throughout these years. Since he became a singer, together with his SS501 brothers, so much has changed, and these are the things that make Hyun Joong who he is. Both the positive and the negative. But honestly, my hat is off to Hyun Joong. He really is acting well beyond his age. He may be a kid at heart, dorky and 4D and fun loving, but if you really listen to him, you'll see how smart and mature he is. His words and lines sometimes may be out of this world, but when it's serious, his message really cuts across and pierces straight to the heart. Watch this vid and you'll see... OMO, I feel like crying again... T-T

Video Credits: blue_angel1004 @ soompi for translation and ltsraus aka vietdivine82 for subbing


Anonymous said...

this was very touchy.. awts.. it made me cry.. T.T

Anonymous said...

Just wondered abt the last message on this..
It said it's "By: Estella"

Was that HwangBo's message for Hyun Joong? Cause I read that HwangBo's English name is "Estella". Why else would that be included on this video?

Just curious..

Anonymous said...

..wow..i'm very touch..-,-

jarm_lienne said...

very touchy.. It also made me cry..

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