SS501: No Other Group Cherishes Each Other And Relies On Each Other Like They Do

There are no other groups who cherishes and relies on each other like they do

There was once when they went to Japan for BOF activities, KyuJong's photo was stick onto HyunJoong's passport
Lee MinHo's fan asked "HyunJoong oppa, why do you have KyuJong oppa's photo?"
"To see it when I miss (him/them) ^^"
They're always together, but at the same time still missing them.....
This is really like them.....^^

One MBC PD said :
"There are almost no other groups who cherishes and relies on each other like SS501.
They cherish each other unconsciously.
They even go to the toilet with all 5 together ^^"

SS501 manager said :
"The dialed phone history of the boys have no one else besides themselves...."
They're always together....

And the first thing that the boys say when they meet each other,
is blurting out jokingly "Did you miss me?"

JungMin would joke to HyungJoon every morning "BoBo (kiss)", and HyungJoon will go "CHU~"
These boys are just thinking nonsenses.......
But to me, they look so cute ^^

What is unreasonable?
Rumors that the members did not get along well?
501 lives together like this ^^
Your relationships are good and it's very very great to see you in harmony
SS501 with love

Credits : + (Chinese Translation) redcat111 @ + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I totally totally agree with this! I've always said this, one of the things that makes SS501 one of a kind, is their bond. Their bond with each other is amazing. That's part of why I love them so much. They don't just get along because they have to, they're not just colleagues who happen to work together, they're not just group mates who work under the same company and known under one group name. After all these years of being together, they really grew to LOVE one another as brothers. And to tell you the truth, very few groups have that kind of bond. That kind of relationship will last well beyond their lifetime. It's so touching. It makes me want to cry just being able to witness such bond. :)


LyN said...

100% True!!

"They even go to the toilet with all 5 together" ~ lol!! just have to laugh at this one..

but on a serious note..this is why i love them so much..after watching them in shows like TYFWUU, Idol World, etc..i already feel their closeness and how they cherish each other.. for me, it's not only their music that touched me but their personalities as well..also, they really compliment each other..FIVE FOREVER AS ONE!! ^_^

Nina Aziz said...

i second the title...they r so close together...that's why i really fall in love wif them...
i juz love this part...
"JungMin would joke to HyungJoon every morning "BoBo (kiss)", and HyungJoon will go "CHU~""

Anonymous said...

That's why i totally fall in love witH them
the first thing that attract me 2 them was their relationship then their songs -- SS501 <333

Anonymous said...

So true! That's one thing I love about these guys. They're like brothers!

- gabby

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