[News] KNTV Premium 2010 - Spring Xmas Party

【KNTV Premium 2010~ christmas party in Spring~】 - Young Saeng's participation decided!

Time: April 29
Venue: Shinjuku Cultural Center, Big Hall
Entrance time: 15.00 / Event starting time: 16.00
Programme to introduce: [Will it snow on Christmas?]

Website as follow for more information:
J:COM>> http://www.jcom.co.jp/present/1002_kn.html
JCN>> http://jcntv.jp/cp/cp_detail.php?id=100301_kntvevent

Credits: DSP Japan HP + ode@블로그

This is good news to all Otter fans! So he'll be singing his song, "I Love You, I'm Sorry" which happens to be the theme song of the drama "Will It Snow On Christmas". Since he sang the OST, he's also part of the promotions. Just so you guys know, I love this song! It's a really sad song, and Young Saeng's voice is so perfect for it, his singing makes it even more haunting and sad. Love it! If you haven't heard the song yet, click here to listen.


Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHHHHHHHH....Finally, Something new from YS!!! love him!

thanks for posting...

BTW, you are so right, the song itself is heartbreaking. Add YS' voice and it just makes me wanna die...

LyN said...

whoa i miss posting comments on ur blog..this is an exciting news!! looking forward to it!! and i love the song "I Love You, I'm Sorry" so much! and his voice is just so good!! well, i bet everybody knows that already..hehe..finally! a solo activity of our otter prince!! ^_^

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