Ahh, at last. Here are fancams and pictures from the airport of Leader leaving for Spain for a photoshoot. I love Leader with a cap on. Have a safe and enjoyable trip Leader! We're missing you already. Hurry back! ^_^

Video Uploader: shirbogurl501@YouTube

Credits: SG PERFECT + Triple S.tw + Baidu + as tagged


Anonymous said...

saan d2 sa spain?sana d2 n lang sa barcelona.sana makita ko siya.

Nina Aziz said...

oppa!!have a safe journey n return quickly!!

Anonymous said...

KHJ is going or already there in Barcelona by this time .Enjoy your meeting with leader in case it happens as we all know he is there to work for 7 days .

Anonymous said...

Did leader travel alone ? No bodyguard whatsoever? The guy in maroon tshirt was he left behind -he is the one close guarding KHJ.Well ,hope leader won't feel lonely -and yet he should use flying time to sleep,sleep and sleep some more so beauty is well rested . We await excitedly the first batch of arrival photos ...TS fans and friends in Spain Yuhooooo SEND THEM IN -Muchas Gracias senoritas !!!

Anonymous said...

hangan kailan siya d2 sa barcelona?kailan ang fligth niya,pbalik ng korea?

asukitta said...

more video::

lucky girl ;)


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