I feel bad and disappointed after reading this... some fans can really become rowdy and downright scary! Please, guys, it's understandable that you feel pumped and excited when your idol is right there in front of you, but please exercise some limitations. Never chase to a point that he will feel like you're out to get him. Exercise some constraint, and always respect your idol. It's one thing to cheer and greet and smile and be nice and follow quietly, and it's another thing altogether to invade their space. Always learn to behave. Ahh, just read this account and see for yourself how you feel...

Here is what happened yesterday on the 13th...

Mariposa28 Version:

on the 14 i think, some fans saw Hyun Joong coming back to the hotel, ad then they started chasing him and screaming, thye surrounded him with their cameras , so he walked faster, panicked, head down, this was outside the hotel, but some fans followed him inside the hotel, the recepionist said she saw one of the girl blocking the door of the lift with her feet, so that door wont close; and HJ was inside he lift , hiding his face with his cap, so the recepionist and others had to stop them so they’ll leave the hotel

justdancenow Translation of the actual fan account:

It’s just that it happened all at once and the receptionist who was super nice, had to be stern with the girls and yell at them because those involved were too much. It happened that the girls were crossing by the plaza in Callao, walked to the hotel and when they recognized him in front of the hotel, they went running behind him screaming and with their cameras out. Hyun Joong was freaking out since he can see that they were surrounding him and he quicken his pace with his head held low and with a panic stricken face.

All of this happened outside the hotel, but as soon as he entered, those girls followed behind him and the receptionist even told me that one of the girls stuck out her feet and arms in the elevator so that the doors wouldn’t close (with Hyun Joong inside by the corner with his cap held low as to hide his face)

The receptionist had to stop them as best as she could with the help of other people in the hotel and a bit afterward, according to what she told us, all of the staff were already pissed off with those who stayed in front of the hotel and the manager was especially not thrilled. They even told me that HJ at first was really scared but that later when he went out again and they did more or less the same thing, (unfamiliar phrase but basically even he must have gotten tired/annoyed I think).

Look how harassed they must have felt that when me and Sara were sitting in a bench in Callao and we saw the manager and translator talking with those anti-disturbing people because they felt cornered inside the hotel…

Seriously, I even felt embarrassed…

Credits: http://amorxss501.wordpress.com + Mariposa28@Soompi + (English translation) justdancenow@soompi
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Well-behaved fans are more likely to be lucky. And Leader will most likely accommodate you if you're well behaved. Just see this lucky fan in Spain who only followed Leader quietly and asked nicely if she can have a picture. And she not only got a picture, she also got a short video clip! Hahaha! Lesson: if you want people to be nice to you, be nice to them!

Video Uploader: crishc@YouTube


eluel said...

ugh!! How rude they are! Entertainers have their personal life too. Why must do something that can make them feel uneasy? For me, they are not real fans, only fanatic who don't know how to behave.

Feon said...

I think they are just suuuper excited t see HJL in spain, at where they could actually see him! But it's just too overwhelming ):

No wonder leader seems so unwillingly distant at airports and such & only can smile and wave & say lil' words t the fans!

mitch said...

hey guys... hmmm just wanna clear up some things... first of all the title's wrong... it should be Madrid cause it happened in madrid,,
im from barcelona and im also disappointed and angry to madrid fans,, but please could you change the title? cause people will think that all spanish fans are crazy and annoying...
if you could read some stories from barcelona fans you could know they behaved well som please just clarify the title.. we dont want to be involved in that intrigue.. thanks :D

phtriples said...

@mitch, I removed the place from the title, I hope that's ok. Sorry for that. :) Of course, we know better than to generalize. Just because a handful of people from one country acted as such, doesn't mean all people from that country is the same. :) But I understand your concern. Sorry! And thanks to all the nice Spanish Triple S for taking care of Leader. :)

mitch said...

oooh ye thanks a lot for answering my request,, i wnted to talk to you yesterday but seems youre not onlyn anymore, and nope you dont have to apologize.. but me cause i entered and requested as i have been here for so long.. althought i always and always read your blog..and its really nice :D
thanks again for making my request true

reham said...

i hope he OK
and the fan also
i do not agree about what they do
but i sympathize for them because they do not no when he go to Spain again

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