A Letter of Thanks and Apology to Kim Hyun Joong
Spain, 2010-04-15

Dear Kim Hyun Joong,

With this letter, we wanted to express the feelings of all your fans from Spain. First, we wanted to say we are very grateful for the behavior you had with those fans who saw you as Barcelona as in Madrid.

Maybe it was nothing relevant for you, but believe us when we say that for each one of us has been something we could never forget in our lives.

We would also like to apologize for the sad incident that happened last Tuesday in your stay in Madrid. Most of the spanish fans that sign this letter, completely disapprove, and of course, we do not share the attitude of those girls that we consider shameful. Also, we condemn it, and that´s the reason why we have decided to apologise to you and your staff.

Unfortunately, as you imagine there are all kind of fans in any country. And, although many of us have made the most possible to make you feel as you were at home and that you were comfortable being in a foreign country you have never visited before, we feel in some way this incident may have a negative influence on what you think about spanish fans.

We hope you have pleasant memories of our country and of our people, who kindly approached you and whose experiences are a treasure now for all of us. There are so many fans who could not see you, but they felt closer to you through the stories of the ones who saw you.

Thank you for your kindness. Although at first, in Barcelona, you were confused when you realized that, even in Spain, there were people who admire you, and because of that and your staff’s cold behavior we felt a little bit rejected. But soon, we knew that we had a false impression of you. The fans, we are not all the same and, of course, we did not want to make you feel uncomfortable but quite the opposite. Because of that, and your attitude later, we are very grateful. Every autograph, every picture, every smile of yours have been worthy and cheered us up.

Despite that you have only been a week in our country, we are all very happy to have seen you and to have shared same nice and amusing moments with you.

That’s right, Kim Hyun Joong, you do have fans in Spain, and in Latin America, and in Europe... We, your fans, admire you and support you.

We hope that you had a nice stay in Spain and that you bear us somehow in your mind. For us, your presence here has been like a dream come true.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

Your Spanish fans.

posted by Susispooky @ Kim Hyun Joong Thread at Soompi

A group of Spanish fans decided to write this letter in light of the unfortunate encounter that Hyun Joong went through in Madrid. I sympathize with the other Spanish fans who are also ashamed of what the other Madrid fans did to Hyun Joong. I know how it feels to have something happen, in which you don't have control over, but because someone from your country did it, somehow you feel like you're dragged into it as well just because you live in the same country and you have the same nationality. I know full well how it feels because we've also experienced something to that effect here in our country recently (because of one Filipino DJ), and it feels sad. Of course, one action of one person doesn't have to represent the country as a whole. I'm sure Hyun Joong is mature enough to know that just because a handful of fans acted inappropriately towards him, doesn't mean he'll regard ALL Spanish fans to have the same attitude. I'm sure he'll always remember those who have been nice to him during his stay there. I'm just hoping that in the future, nothing like this happens to any of our boys again, no matter which foreign country they visit. Triple S protects SS501!


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful and heartwarming letter. A very responsible act by Hyun Joong's fans . I hope somebody translate this letter to KHJ very soon, though even without this letter I am sure he will understand and only remember his positive and endearing encounters .

Criselda said...

Good move from the Spanish green peas of SS501!

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