The following is an excerpt from SS501 interview by Cool Music Magazine January 2010 Edition. The interview is very long, so I won't post it all here, if you want to read the whole article, you can read it at MiniUFO blog. She kindly translated it for us all, before she retired from blogging. Thanks to her! If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to do so. Anyway, here's the excerpt from the interview where the members were asked which member they miss the most when they're not together. Tom & Jerry's answers cracked me up! Read on...

During solo activities, which member do you miss most?

Hyung Jun: I miss all of the members. But miss most, Hyun Joong and Jung min, because usually they will bully me, all in a sudden there's nobody to bully me, I felt lonely.

Young Saeng:
I also think of all members, because I am having activities together with Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun. When the 3 of us are having our activities, I become the leader, during that time, I felt being a leader is really tough, I can understand being the leader for 5 person was even more tough, so I miss our leader.

Hyun Joong
: When 5 of us are together, I am the leader, so when 3 of them are having activity, I am very worried about them, but when Young Saeng was the leader, he had led the team very well, I also felt relieved.

Kyu Jong
: I miss Jung Min, because Jung Min can bring up the atmosphere in our team, without him, will feel very empty, so will miss him. (Jung Min stood up, put a hand on his shoulder, and wave the other hand like a leader style)

Jung Min
: During my solo activities, I miss Kyu Jong most. Because Kyu Jong is most gentle and most able to take care of people within the members. I also will miss Hyung Jun, because everytime will bicker with him, so have love & hate feelings with him, although the hate feelings are more (smile). However, when bickering with him, I am very happy, I will also miss Young Saeng & Hyun Joong, when 5 of us are together will not be so lonely and have support.

Credit: (Mag Scans) + (English translation)


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