'2010 I Love Korea Dream Concert' has ended in success with all its popular singers on the move.

On the 22nd beginning since 7PM at Seoul Seongsan-dong, Seoul Worldcup gymnasium stadium, the 16th Dream Concert was held. Though rain poured down even before the concert began, none of the 40000 fans who was clutching tight onto their raincoats and balloons yielded in to each's passion.

Dream Concert was held in 2 parts, and was carried out across an approximate 4 hours. The MCs were Super Junior's Kim HeeChul, 2PM's Ok Taecyeon, as well as actress Shin SeKyung.

The luxurious opening stage was held by UKISS with 'Morago' (What) and 'Manmanhani' (Be Full of). After which, RAINBOW came up next with 'Gossip Girl', then FCUZ with 'No One', ZE:A with 'Throughout a day' (Haru jongil), f(x) with 'NU ABO' and 'ME+U', Davichi with 'Time, please stop' and 'I made an accident', Mblaq with 'Y' alongside CNBlue with 'Love', and then BEAST with 'Shock' & 'Mystery', thus exhibiting a charisma overflowing stage presence.

SHINee then continued with 'Ring Ding Dong', right after which, SS501 who hasn't shown up on the stage for a long time appeared. Recently, leader Kim Hyun Joong who was involved in a car accident and because of his injuries, they weren't able to perform to a dance item, which was why on this day, SS501 sang to ballad track 'Haruman' (Only One Day/Just One Day) and 'Let Be the One' (from upcoming new album).

Kim Hyun Joong has expressed, "Due to inevitable circumstances, we thus sang a ballad" (this was after Haruman was sang), and "We are sorry to fans", thus apologizing.

'World star' Rain then continued to perform to 'Hip Song' and 'Song to hold you back', thus taking Part 1 to an end. Rain then said to the audiences who remained unyielded in their position despite being in the rain, "Even if it was raining, many of you still came to give support without fail, thank you", expressing his gratitude.

Part 2 was taken to a start with T-ara's world cup song 'We Are The One' and 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', right up next was 4Minute's 'Huh', then After School's 'Bang' and 'Diva', and then KARA's 'Lupin', continuing the performances of girl groups.

2PM, who took an intervention to the continuous line up of girl group performances further displayed their musculine beauty before the eyes of audiences. Excluding Junsu who had injuries on him, the 5 members of 2PM performed to 'Without U' and 'Dont Stop Cant Stop'.

The romances of uncles -- Wonder Girls and SNSD then took to each's performance stage. Amongst both the girl groups, Wonder Girls who has returned after 2 years' time for the first time performed to their new title '2 Different Tears' and their hit medley, whilst SNSD sang and danced to their hits 'Run Devil Run' and 'Oh!'.

Lee Hyori who performed to her 'Bring it back' and 'Chity chity bang bang' has commented, "All the singers who performed today are all the top-fine ones", as well as "Because of this short moment of performing on the stage with all juniors, I feel great". She has carried out a performance with After School's Bekka and 4Minute's Jeon Jiyoon.

As to the last finale performer Super Junior, they sung to 'Miinah' (Bonamana) as well as "Sorry Sorry" in front of all 40,000 passionate fans.

The ending to this concert was none other than all singers congregated once again on stage to sing to "Oh Korea for the Definite Win" (literal; Oh Pilseung Korea) (Korea's worldcup cheeron theme).

All the 21 teams who performed for tonight cheered on for the Top 16 for World Cup 2010 with that one common heart, Dream Concert which lasted for 4 hours finally came to a close under the black night sky. On the other hand, all ticket fees will be donated to neighbourhood charities organizations. 2010 Dream Concert will be broadcasted on the 30th beginning from 3PM through SBS Inkigayo.

It rained!!! SS501 really are the idols who call the rain! SS501 & Rain! Hahaha. It was indeed like 501day. It's like the rain really poured deliberately to celebrate with us all. Keke. To all Triple S, and SS501, it was a meaningful moment. Meeting again after a long time, SS501 singing despite Leader's condition, to all the support of Triple S. No wonder, the boys were overwhelmed. Can't wait for May 27 and June 4! Triple S and SS501 fighting!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there to see and support our boys!... I was touched with them-both SS501 and the Triple S.. Everybody was teary eyed (tears of joy) SS501 was happy to see all the Triple S for their non stop supports. And Triple S for their new album and comeback stage..
I like it when you said that "the rain really poured deliberately to celebrate with us all"- It's really true, SS501 are really the idols who can call the rain!.. Well I guess SS501 really needs to go there in the Philippines to get in touch and you can have rain, I heard it's really hot in there right now that you really need rain.. keke..
SS501- We Triple S are always here to love and support you all the way no matter what happen.. We together are always forever as one!..

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