This is Jung Min ^^2010-05-23 오전 4:14:43 +댓글

오 늘..? 아니 어제 넘넘넘~ 고마워요..!!

Today..? No Yesterday Really Really Really~ Thanks..~~

울 트리플S가 젤 멋졌어요..!!ㅎㅎㅎ
Our Triple S is awesome..!! hehehe

전 이제 곧 뮤직비디오 찍어서~
I'm going to film our music video soon~

안 무 연습하고 돌아와서
After I return from dance practice

흉통?과 두통을 호소하다 잠들다가 깨어 글을 남깁니다.
I was relieving my chest pain and headache and also falling asleep so i woke up and write this post


오 늘의 추억 잊지않을께용~~^0^*
Today's memory is unforgettable ~~ ^0^*

또 이렇게 큰 무대에서 설 수 있겠죠? 우리~~?^^
Able to stand on a big stage like this again? We~~?^^

아 자자잣!!
now now now!!

뮤직비디오 이쁘게 잘 찍어올께요~~
I will shoot the MV well and come back~~

잘 자용~~! 오야쓰미~왕안!굿나잇!
Good Night~~! Good Night (Japanese)~ Good Night (Chinese)! Good Night (English)!

Credits: + (Eng trans) Shirley/shirbogurl & sung ah @ Liezle's blog

Jung Min also left TOK TOK messages...

but please take care of yourself!!! All of you go and sleep!! my chest and head are still in pain~ but I am also going to sleep~!! [Jung Min]

he he thank you~~ Thanks to everyone[Jung Min]

Kikiru12~ seems to be a friend that I know..goodnight..[Jung Min]

Credits: crazy501 + SS601 + Translations: [Chinese-English]

Awww, Jung Minnie left a message too. That's so sweet. My heart goes out to these boys. They were so happy with the support of fans, after their long absence that they cried. I guess it's because they're feeling mixed emotions: they feel sorry for the delay, they feel grateful that despite everything the fans are still there to give them unconditional support, and of course, they feel happy again to perform onstage doing what they love, in front of the fans that they love. But Jung Min ah, please take care of yourself. With that chest pain and headache, please rest. Imagine, he's still awake at 4am just to shoot the MV and practice dancing. Look at all the hard work these boys are doing just to make everything great for their album, and for us fans. So we can repay them by supporting their album and activities!


Sanny said...

waaakkh!! what happen 2 mal oppa??? is he sick ???
*worriedworriedworriedworriedworried* ;(

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