[Fan Account 1] Dream Concert: 0522 Rainy

entering the stadium, found the green peas section and sat down

SS501's staff who is in charge of fans started distributing cheer items including a SS501 sticker, lightstick and a balloon which is of course green in color

while waiting patiently for the concert to start, the Korean fans in the middle section initiated the human wave and sang 501 popular songs including "A song calling for you" "Warning" "U R Man" etc

towards the middle of the concert, the staff in charge of fans held up a board that says "the song has been changed to FIND"

thinking, maybe they were afriad of leaking new song, thus changed to singing old song, continued waiting and suddenly, the MC said in Japanese "SS501"

and so the 5 of them came on the stage, there are photos to show their black theme suits, enough being long winded...

first song Only One Day, Mal looked up to the fans section the moment he came onto the stage, the Korean fans cheered just like how they practised

but I personally feel the song was kinda sad, the expressions of 5 of them were tensed... I will not say more on the performance, watch the videos

first song ended time to greet the fans, Leader said "sorry, wanted to sing the title song.." the fans at this time kept shouting together "It's ok, It's ok" Hyun Joong lifted his head to look at the fans section and showed a wistful yet comforted smile.

the 2nd is a new song "LET ME BE THE ONE", the fans went crazy when the R&B melody started

as this is a new song there was no cheer prepared, all shouted in unison "SS501.." till the end of the song, the whole of the green pea section went wild..

as the seats were too far away, looking at the screen was rather difficult as well but it's obvious that Hyung Jun cried, the 5 of them looked tense as well

Many fans cried as well, towards the end of the song it seems like the whole fans section has lost all their energy, an oppressive atmosphere..

this time the staff in charge of the fans raise a board that wrote "5 of them all cried.."

after awhile another staff raise another board that says "feeling sorry, thats why cried..."

Credits: 米修生 @金贤重吧 + ivywithSS501@baidu + Translations: josie@501wangja.multiply.com [Chinese - English]


And here's another account, from a non-Triple S this time. I love to read accounts also from people who are not really fans of SS501, but are impressed by our boys. It makes my heart swell with pride!

[Fan Account 2] Dream Concert by AA Chan

SS501 surprised me the most this evening because I didn’t initially realise it was them. When they started singing, it was a song that I hadn’t heard before and when I looked at the screen, I could hardly see them because they were wearing all black, but even when I did catch a glimpse, it didn’t look like anyone I knew. I actually thought ZE:A had come out for a second showing. The crowds were so so loud and I can’t believe that they still have so much support after being so slow to release. It wasn’t just their own fans that were screaming either, but every single fan from around the stadium. They sang two ballads, neither of which I recognised and then left the stage. I should say though that it was the best I had ever heard them sing.

To read more of this detailed report of Dream Concert (including the rest of the artists' performances), CLICK HERE.


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