Some fans went to see SS501 to show their support during their MV filming for Love Ya. Here's a fan account that really made me want to cry... you could just see the effort and hard work and sacrifice the boys (especially Leader) had to do just to deliver us a good album and MV. So please guys, let's support them 501% by buying their album DESTINATION NORMAL EDITION (Go to Liezle's blog to order so your purchase will be counted in the Hanteo Charts to help the boys, you can also email her at and also please buy/download their digital track LOVE YA from Soribada and MNET between June 7-11.

For Soribada instructions, CLICK HERE. For MNET, someone made a tutorial for After School, but we can also use it to buy SS501 Destination. CLICK HERE. But instead of After School, just substitute it with SS501 and Destination tracks. Each song is 600won (approx. < USD $1) so cheap so if we could just spare a few cents for our boys that would help them a lot!!! Also, buying is one thing, but online streaming from these sites is also another part of the percentage. Let's wait a little for ODE, who is going to provide a step-by-step tutorial on this. For the meantime, read this fan account so you'll get an idea how the boys have worked hard for their comeback...


Got some rest after lunch… me and my friend paupau (name) talked for a bit then went out. My friends come to take me to see MV shooting

After boarding the car, I feel trapped ah, even got the determination of death (note: The China TS is sick after eating a lunch buffet)

Then is arrived

Try to get off, because I want to see our five boys, I finlly get off with determination, of course, put up a good hair and clothing first

Went into the venue, no one is there, is empty, think that they may be gone already

So actually they are preparing and doing makeup

Very handsome

Horse (Jung Min) seems very tired. Young Saeng is preparing his hair and looking at the mirror at the side. Leader’ hair … ah.. I can’t accept myself… Kyu Jong is doing his makeup. Hyung Jun seems changing his clothing.

They listen to the song once then film. Because of injuries, there are a lot of NG… mostly is leader… seems like very difficult for him

But still persisted in making it a good shot, after filming aside immediately, must be very painful

I only look at the side. The dance looks good, it is worth the wait. The photographer is having a good compassion. He will take a break when leader can’t make it then start over again… But he seems still can not stand for long.. Then after the MV shooting is done, he still need to rush to another schedule…that I don’t know

Ouch………………………………….. he seems very painful when I saw him

However, the kids in front of the camera are super serious. But the horse had some laugh scene, despise him a bit… (she is just kidding)

The staffs watching at the side also have praised them for good work

I am so touching

I admire …

ah…………………………………………………… thanks for the good work

I heard Hyung Jun is getting thinner again, only weight 121 lbs

Young Saeng also, he lost a lot of weight, do not know whether he is on diet

Our Young Saeng ah… the little face is trembling when shooting the MV

啧啧 (the sound of click one’s tongue)

We really hope that this comeback is the return of the king

SS501, hwaiting

PS: do not allow to take photographs also see them from very far away, still can drink the same water as them

Credits: 噗·请叫我太君@baidu SS501 bar


aprilstar said...

In what we saw as KHJ condition in the Dream Concert I really wondered if he can film his MV without difficulties .Can't they not change his part and then simulate his movements so there are no direct assault on his injuries ? But knowing KHJ he will not consent to that .This MV is the true testimonial to KHJ high level professionalism and complete dedication to his work .

triplespia said...

oh my gosh......they've lost a lot of weight..leader has an injury while filming..they still have stuff to do after the shooting...and then when they make their comeback,they have to perform one after another....TT_TT they rally want to show us a spectacular comeback, they're sacrificing so much :( i hope they get PLENTY of rest and are always healthy.

Anonymous said...

THis MV is not only a labor of love but a labor of pains

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

What... that says Baby only weighs 121 lbs.. is that a typo?? :O That's not a lot...

I can't wait for this MV! They've worked so hard to make this comeback amazing for us. <333

Anonymous said...

what da!!!! baby?!?!!?!? 121 lbs!! OMG! but he's still handsome!! ♥♥♥

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