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Hyun Joong: You like me right? I’m good looking, adorable and popular… that’s the reason why you’re giving me this huge discount right? Oh! It’s because I’m famous!”

Lady Clerk: “Who the hell are you?”

Hyun Joong then turns away, embarrassed. Kekeke. Leader is absolutely adorable as usual! Love it!


Anonymous said...


wondering if you're aware... yesasia can pre-oreder their destination, special (edition limited)

please refer to the above link... is that e correct one? waiting for your soonest reply, thank you.

(from singapore)

phtriples said...

Yes, the special edition is available for preorder in YesAsia. But I DO NOT encourage you to buy there because the sales in YesAsia are not counted in the Hanteo charts, so these will not help SS501 win awards. Also, if you can please get the Normal version because Special version is not counted as well. Check out you can preorder there and you will be sure it will be counted. Thanks!

aprilstar said...

This CF is quite a relief from how Hyun Joong looked at the 2010 DC . How we want so much for KHJ to be be able to regain his old self.

It might be good for KHJ as long as his health permits to go back to his previous activities. Nothing is more depressing than to be restrained for so long.

We are praying for restoration of Hyun Joong 's good health .

aprilstar said...

I think it was good timing for Samsung to release this CF now .I will admit it was sad to see the pained and immobile Hyun Joong at his age and knowing how he was before .

ON the other hand,their non dancing performance highlighted their good vocals and sensitive emotions regarding their songs .

They are going to lead a new trend in KPOP now !

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