Jung Min and Young Saeng's mom...

Happy Mother's Day! Since it's Mother's Day, I'm posting here once again pictures of SS501 with their moms! Awww, the guys really do love their Ommas! And today, since it's their special day, we should honor all mothers especially our own. Give them a kiss, a hug, a personalized gift, take them out for a treat and say I LOVE YOU. Sometimes we take for granted our moms, so today let's make this day all about them! Special thanks to the moms of SS501. Without you, we would never have the pleasure of knowing SS501. Kamsahamnida! May you continue loving your sons! Let's give a bow to all the mothers in the world. At leader's count... Hana... Dul... Set! ^_^ Happy Mother's Day!!!


May 8 is also Parent's Day in Korea, so I'm including here messages of the boys to their parents, last 2008. If you want to hear the audio, click here.

Yeah~ annyonghaseyo~ (he made that heehee sound, owww)
I'm KyuJong~
Ne~ Mum, Dad, I'm KyuJong~
I listened well to your words and will become a more hardworking child
and healthier child..
Mother and Father be healthy too
If only pleasant matters will fill you in this year then that'd be wonderful~
Thank youuu~

Ne~ I'm HyungJun~
Mum, Dad really thank you two..
Because I've been always working hard to show my best side
Until that day when I become the best
Please always be healthy
and I love you..
Will work hard.. Love you~

Ne~~ this is HyunJoong..
those..aging wrinkles that's appearing one by one on mum on dad..
As you grow older.. I will work hard to filial you two~
And also to SS501's parents..
For the reason why I met such precious members
Really thank you to you all~

mum dad~ am Jungmin nya~~
em... I will love you two more with my all~~
I love you~~~♥

emm.. Don't feel heartache anymore~
let's not fight again anymore..(background: laughs)
Let's live with closerness~~ hh

(leader:) Then shall we say our final greetings "Mum, Dad ILU~"?
1,2,3~ Dad, Mum, I LOVE YOU~~♡

Translation by: Ode@blog


Anonymous said...

All the SS501 mothers in the photos are beautiful. But KHJ mother is specially striking -her beauty is not only dramatic but also elegant she looks like a movie star herself .Im not surprised where her youngest son got his handsome features (Dad looks good ,too).

Preeti said...

All 5 look like their mom's. No wonder they r all gud looking. Thnk u mom's for giving us such wonderful SS501.

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