Guys! We were able to trend #501destination last night and it went up to #2 spot! If I'm not mistaken, it went on Trending Topic just a little after we started and it stayed there for about 5 hours! Ain't that something? Triple S really rocks! I'd also like to thank everyone for helping out, even fanclubs of other groups. You guys know who you are. Even Anthony Eusebio, father of Xander from U-Kiss helped in the trending! Wow! Thanks a lot! Although we didn't make it to #1 spot last night, we'll try again tonight! We will be trending both #501destination & Love Ya (w/o #) later at KST 7pm-9pm (8-10pm PH time)! Let's do it again Triple S! Join in the fun promoting our boys! If you don't have Twitter accounts yet, now's the time to make one! See you in Twitter!

UPDATE: May 28, 2010

Finally! We got to the TOP!!! Thank you all for your help!!! 'Till next TRENDING!


@violettacal said...

And we made it to number 1 today! Did you see it?! On behalf of all twitter tripleS - THANKYU TSPHIL! We Love Ya!

Oh, Love Ya didn't trend, unfortunately.. here's the reason why..

Appreciate if you could help us gather more TripleS into twitdom! Our popularity are rocketing! ^^

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Yay!! :D

eluel07 said...

Wow!! Good job everyone! ^^
But I'm a bit sad since I can't join that day >.< 'coz I just went back from my trip.

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