Oh my God, the LOVE YA TEASER IS HERE!!! And it's Friggin' AWESOME!!! TOO HOOTT!!! TOO MANLY! TOO SHORT! I want more!!! Kekeke. This was released May 24, at 5:01 pm. I love it!

Video Uploader: DSPentert@YouTube

And here's a longer version of the teaser. I heard DSP is going to release the FULL version on Monday, May 31?

Video Uploader: WWloveHJL2@YouTube


theunexpected888 said...

so excited for their album..!!can't wait T_T

Andrea said...

ohmygod!!! i'm soooo excited!!!!! just sad that i can't contribute to their digital sales..don't have a credit card.. but still! i will support doubleS all the way!!!

Nina Aziz said...

oh my oh my...love the teaser....
sorry cant contribute to digital sales, but i'll buy the original album!!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you guys know, HJB will be going for Ukiss' concert in Manila ^^
You guys are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Love Ya,teaser is SUPER!,but in this 2min video I only see KHJL one 2sec. I think. Hope there's a lot more of him. BTW I already pre-ordered my
Destination Special Edition, hope I contributed on the sale of their album. LOVE YA.. SS501!

Anonymous said...

Yes the teaser is good but quite disappointing for me coz I didn't get to see Leader a lot and he has no solo singing part...I hope also taht the full MV will have more of leader...didn't you notice in this MV he is sitting a lot I guess his still in pain doing this MV...get well soon Leader...i also pre ordered my copy of their album ..fighting

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